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We know this school year looks a little different but your school counselors are here to support you. We have implemented a variety of ways to stay in contact with you and your students this year.

To access the school counseling web page, please click on the button at the bottom of the newsletter titled "Additional Information and Resources" , or the poster. There you will be able to find supplemental activities for your children from the school counseling department,

Office Hours: We will have daily office hours Monday-Friday from 9:00-10:00 and on Mondays from 3:00-3:30. You can use this time to visit us. Please note there will be a waiting room activated so the meetings will be first come first serve. You can visit with us to discuss concerns, access resources, ask questions, or share information.

To enter into our office you may click on the buttons at the bottom of this newsletter that are titled for our office hours,

Individual counseling - If you would like to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child you can access the Request to See the Counselor form below. This can be found on your student's teacher page, or on the Mullen web page. Parents, students, or teachers will be able to refer students to see the counselors. We will contact you through email or phone to schedule a time that works for you. During individual meetings students will be able to ask questions, access resources, or obtain structured social emotional counseling.

Group counseling: The school counselors will have small groups throughout the year for students who would benefit from meeting with the counselors and a group of their peers. Parents, students, or teachers will be able to refer a student to small group counseling. Some examples of small group counseling will be friendship, study, organizational, coping, and impulse control skills. If your child is referred, the school counselors will send an online permission slip for the parent/guardian and a ZOOM meeting link for the student to utilize for the small groups. The groups will be scheduled based on the student availability. If you would like to refer your child to a small group please let us know through the Request to See a Counselor form at the bottom of the newsletter.

Classroom lessons: The school counselors will occasionally visit your students classroom during live whole group teaching. The classroom counseling lessons will focus on academic and social emotional learning topics.

We look forward to a great year working with you and your children.

Morning Office Hours 9:00-9:30 M-F

Code: 914 7021 8664 Password: Calm

Afternoon Office Hours 3:00-3:30 Monday

Code : 997 0909 6610 Password: Calm

Request to see a school counselor

Fill out this form if you would like to schedule a contact

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More information and resources

Please visit the school counseling web page for additional school counseling activities and resources.