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Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase/B'day Bash for Val Gamache

Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase Presents a Pre-Valentine's Show & B'day Bash for Val Gamache

VALERIE GAMACHE Was born an only child in New York, and spent her formative years in the foster care system from humble beginnings after her teenage mother and grandmother grappled with giving her away for adoption at birth. She pursued life with a lot of hard work and passion even after being brought back from suffering a near death car accident when she was 22 years old. It is Valerie ‘s dedication to the relief of the suffering of others, combined with her undeniable survivor story that is so inspirational. Valerie L. Gamache has always been at the forefront of humanitarian causes since childhood, so it’s no surprise that her career and personal plights have combined to form a great arrangement of business with a purpose. Today, The Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase would like to wish Val Gamache a hardy appreciation and very Happy Happy Birthday!!

The Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase

Wednesday, Feb. 13th 2013 at 8-11:30pm

254 W 72nd Street

New York, NY

Check out the weekly showcase that we have every Wednesday night at the world famous, Ashford & Simpson's Sugarr Bar!! It's so entertaining to witness the development of rising stars on the brink discover and finding their own groove!!

The Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase

I started an artist showcase because I realized that so many vocalists/musicians/spoken word artists/rappers, have never had the opportunity to perform before an audience; so many need more than just the open mic experience. We go to these open mics to try out our new songs and/or some song we'd like to see go over well with an audience. With my showcase, you get a chance to do that and much much more!! It's always an amazing night for an up and coming artist!! So, if you are interested in re-discovering who you are as a talent, contact me and I can make it happen.!! God bless !!!

The Toni Seawright's Artist Showcase; For your Professional Showcase, B'Day or Corporate Party!

The Toni Seawright Band & Show performs every Wednesday Night at the Sugar Bar!! The band consists of Mick Gaffney (Lead Guitar & Musical Director), Lenny Underwood (Keys, vocals), Billy Grant (Bass, vocals), Camille Gaynor Jones, (Drums)!! This wonderfully entertaining & exciting band plays everything from R&B to Pop, To Blues, To ROCK...YOU NAME IT, they come with it!! You'll be happy to use the house band for your accompaniment for your individual showcase as ALL of the musicians are seasoned professionals with over 30 years of experience as instrumentalist themselves!! So, whether you're showcasing, celebrating your b'day, or having a company party, or whether you're coming to support the movement, come on out and enjoy some wonderful singing & entertainment with performances by Powerhouse, Diva Vocalist Toni Seawright and Friends!! Hey, you may even catch her doing some of your Favorite Michael Jackson tunes, Stevie Wonder as well as Teena Turner!! Come and see what the fuss is all about on Humpback Wednesday Nights at the Sugar Bar! BE THERE! :)