Taylor Medrick

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Before we get started, what is the death penalty given for?

The United States Federal Government (in comparison to the separate states) applies the death penalty for crime of treason, terrorism, and espionage, federal murder, large-scale drug trafficking, and attempting to kill a witness, juror, or court officer in certain cases.

What is the death penalty?

The punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.

Evidence on the Death Penalty


People who advocate, or are for the death penalty, have said the death penalty costs less than life imprisonment, but what i have researched contradicts.

The death penalty per case costs about 2.3 millions dollars, whereas imprisonment for 40 years in a secluded cell with the highest security cost three times less. Life imprisonment costs about 1 million dollars per case.

The amount of people sentenced to death per year, in the US, has dropped tremendously between 1998, with 295 executions, to 2014, with 73 executions. This is a great difference.


A man kidnapped several women, brutally stabbed them, raped them, then strangled them to death. He got the Death Penalty.

A man was put into a mental institute after he killed a family member for no given reason. He was released under the conclusion he was better and wouldn't do it again. Well, he never killed a family member again, but he did brutally stab and murder 2 women for no given reason... He got the death penalty.

A young man robbed and kidnapped a 54 year old man. He let the man go with no physical injuries other than slight rope burns. He was given the death penalty?

A man kidnapped and murdered a middle age woman. He got the death penalty?


Other Options

There are many alternatives for the death penalty yet we still prefer the most inhumane choice over any other.

Instead of the death penalty, you could give them

  • life without the possibility of parole
  • enter the person into a mental institute if signs lead to it
  • give them life with possibility of parole if showing signs of improvement
  • if you're worried they will commit the offense again after being released, put them under house arrest and keep a close eye.
There are many other alternatives to the death penalty. In my opinion, the death penalty is just an option people feel will get rid if the murder crimes. If you give someone life with the possibility of parole, they have to sit in a state penitentiary for the rest of their life. It gives them a chance to correct their ways, even if they have no desire to do so. The death penalty does not advance justice but lowers the chance of them ever feeling guilty.


Yes the death penalty cuts down on repeat offenders, but so does life imprisonment without parole. There are other options to cut down repeat offenders or to cut down on murders. So why do we keep choosing to kill those who commit murders to prove killing people is wrong?

I stand against the death penalty because it denies the chance of rehabilitation of any mistakes made in a persons life.