Richard Nixon

37th President of the United States

Election of Nixon

  • In 1968 Nixon ran after being the previous Vice President againt the republican candidate Herbert Humphrey
  • Nixon won by a close popular vote
  • In 1972 George McGovern was the the Democratic nominee and Richard Nixon ran for re-election as the Republican candidate
  • During the election Nixon claimed to have been responisble for the decrease in the number of troops overseas
  • His campiagn proved to be successful, he won the elction by a landslide with 17,999,528 more popular votes than McGovern

Vietnam War

  • During Nixon's presidency he was confronted with the war to deal with
  • The cost of living tripled during his presidency
  • Prices were very steep during this time because of the US dollars being poored into the war
  • This time period starting after his innaguration is the longest and steepest inflation time period in our economy's history
  • "Vietnamization" was a major action taken- 540,000 US troops were taken our of South Vietnam
  • Nixon was interested in easing the public's stress over Vietnam
  • This plan was known as the so called Nixon Doctrine and stated that we would support them still but were not fully funding
  • This allowed less American blood to be lost and most of the fighting was then done by South Vietnam
  • He also stated that in the future and now Asian and other countries have to fight on their own without large amounts of US troops and money
  • North Vietnam and Viet Cong had used Cambodia for war needs such as troops and supplies and Nixon put a stop to this
  • Without the consent of the Congress on April 29, 1970 he sent troops to rid of this which caused much uprise back home amoung students
  • Actions were then taken by Senate to work on ways to restrain Nixon
  • The War Powers Act of 1973 required the president to report to Congress at least 48 hours after investing US troops in a foreign conflict
  • Such a limited authorization would have to end within sixty days unless Congress extended it for thirty more days
  • This was put in place after Nixon secretly was a part of a large number of bombing raids against North Vietnam in Cambodia


  • Nixon strongly felt that the way we could get out of Vietnam was with the help of the USSR and China
  • The two countries were clashing because of the interpretations discussed during the time regaurding Marxism
  • Nixon without telling the public secretly began to work to improve relations with Beijing as well as Moscow
  • He was able to create a relaxed tension with the two communist powers or détente
  • This lead to aggreements reached such as anti-ballistic missile treaty in 1972 that limited nations to exactly 2 collections of defense weapons such as nuclear bombs

Nixon's Presidency Begins to Look Problematic

  • The Republican Committee for the Re-election of the President was accused of having 5 men break into the Watergate Hotel to install listening devices
  • This was known as the Watergate break-in
  • A large scandal resulted because the men were labeled with corruption
  • Many members of the president's administration resigned following
  • Due to scandals and lacks of integrity impeachment was on the way for Nixon
  • After tapes were missing in the Watergate Scandal and demanding only relevant portions of the tape should be released
  • Nixon was told impeachment was guaranteed and was suggested to resign
  • He did so on August 8, 1974
  • This demonstrated that the public could get a president impeached successfully in the occurrence of constitutional scandals