AVID Fall Exam

Kali Tshiteya - January 11 , 2016 - AVID7-4


This year in AVID we have been tutoring each other with different classes in tutorials. Tutorials is a whole class period devoted to the help of others. We use TRFs or Tutorial Request Forms to voice our needs in class and get help to get better grades in our separate classes.
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Cornell Note Taking

This year my note taking improved immensely. I learned how to make antagonizing questions to really make me work hard during studying. Plus I learned how to organize my notes by writing shorter paragraphs and getting to the main point. I am glad I learned so much about Cornell Notes this year in AVID because they made my transition to seventh grade work so much easier .
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Cornell Notes Picture


One reason that AVID has affected my school life so much this semester alone is my organization. This class has helped me keep track of all of my assignments from different classes and my previous notes that I have already taken. My organizational skills have improved so that my locker is even organized to it all work . AVID has affected my work and my life so that I am am constantly aware of my skill.
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Community Service

AVID has really helped my make a name for myself in the community. We have been working with Mission Arlington to pack up food and help the homeless. The experiences that I have been through with this team have affected me and my relationship with the community forever.
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Mission Arlington - Place of Community Service

Public Speaking

This year in AVID , we have been working really hard on public speaking. We have been doing socratic seminars to help us acheive our goal of not being nervous when presenting to the class. One thing that we did that really helped me was presenting out memoirs. That event helped me overcome my fear pof presenting private information to others in a class. That unit helped me learn a new type of understanding with the rest of my class and helped us be together as a family.
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Writing Skills

This year in AVID we have been sharpening up our writing skills. To do that we started and finished a memoir unit were we had to write about a significant even it our lives. That page writing forced our whole class to look upon our previous learning about writing and helped us relive our memories. That helped me a lot with my own writing skills and I am glad for that past unit.
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Required Writing Skills

Anticipation for The Future AVID Semester

I believe that in the future I will be better at many things in AVID class. I believe that my writing skills will improve immensely and that I will help out a lot more in tutorials. Also that I will have more patience for many other classmates and try harder to be good in class. Plus I will be able to present a lot better to my class during Socratic seminars and help out more during our community service hours. This next semester in AVID will be the best so far .