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Take Any Classes This Semester?

If you have taken and completed any classes this semester, please get that information to us. You may be entitled to a lane change if you have enough accumulated credits. The District allows for lane change advancement at the start of the second semester for course work earned in the first semester. If you believe you are eligible for lane change advancement, please complete a NOTIFICATION OF COLLEGE CREDIT SECOND SEMESTER LANE CHANGE FORM (available from your Principal) and submit it to your Principal’s Office no later than January 5, 2015. The salary change will begin with the January 23, 2015 paycheck. This salary adjustment will be retroactive, therefore compensating you as if you were in that lane placement all year.

The New CPDU Frontier

I have been receiving questions about the new CPDU system, which are now known affectionately as Professional Development Clock Hours (PD's).

Professional Development (PD) Clock Hours have replaced Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs), and providers are approved to issue clock hour credit in increments of at least one-quarter hour. The activities have to be developed and presented by persons with education and experience in the applicable content areas; and there must be an apparent correlation between the proposed content of the professional development activities, the relevant standards; and one or more of the required criteria.

Rather than going over the whole new system here, hit this link that may answer most questions.

If you would like more personal information, please feel free to contact me with any requests.

Still Working on Getting Those Subs!

It's been tough, but we continue to seek qualified subs, and are working on filling daily absentee positions the best we can. We have had questions about priorities for filling sub positions, so to clarify, absent teachers' positions will be filled before absent teaching assistant (TA) positions. The typical process for filling absent certified teaching positions are: 1) using certified subs, 2) if none are available, moving a certified teacher in a TA position into the absent teaching position, and 3) if no certified TA's are available, then using currently available teachers to fill in positions, and finally, 4) administrators who are eligible to sub.

I hope this clarifies thing a little bit, as I know there was some confusion out there.

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