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Weekly Updates from Miss DeWitt's Class

May 19, 2017


We used our knowledge of creating equivalent fractions in order to compare fractions with unlike denominators! I was so impressed with how easy the kiddos made it look. They learned three strategies to comparing fractions with unlike denominators. All three required multiplying or dividing to create two new fractions that had common denominators to make it easy for comparing!

We also started learning about decimals this week. As 4th graders, they will only be responsible for knowing tenths and hundredths. We started the lesson with a great conversation about what the students already knew about decimals. For not learning about them in third grade, I was pretty impressed with how much they knew! We talked a lot about where we see decimals in everyday life as well. We learned how to go from a fraction to a decimal and vice versa.


We were able to complete circuit puzzles this week! Each group had card with holes punched out of them, and each hole had a letter. Underneath the cards were pieces of tinfoil connecting some of the holes. The students were challenged with finding which letters were connected with tinfoil to make their circuit motor run! It was a fun challenge which took a lot of trial and error. After, they were able to peek at the bottom and see if their guesses were correct.

Language Arts with Mrs. Edwards

Language Arts: As we mix reading and writing together in our Creative Unit we have touched on a few mini projects. We read and explored different fairy tales and mythologies over the last two weeks. The students just completed their tabloid on “reporting” on what strange happenings” occurred in their tale. The week was focused on grammar and spelling issues within our newspaper article.

Towards the end of the week, the students presented their fidget design and “sold” it to students in their house. Each student was given two coins to ‘buy’ other’s fidgets. There were some very creative ideas and designs. Please make sure to ask your child what fidgets their peers created. Please remember that we go on our Project Pitch It field trip next Thursday to meet and see some of the contestants.

The students were introduced to one of their next creative projects. Each child will pick a town or city in Wisconsin and create a brochure on the town. This can be where grandma lives, or where your family cabin is, or simply a town they know nothing about. Since we don’t want to see ALL Pewaukee presentations, I am asking the students to stay away from our own village, and focus on towns not everyone may know about. For Monday, the students should come with two or three towns’ names to prevent duplicates.

Book Clubs: We are wrapping up our final book club. The students should be done with their book at the end of May. That means only two more weeks of reading time. The final project is up to the students this time around. Please ask them what they chose to do for their final wrap up to book club!

Your child’s Language Arts binder went home this week. Please make sure you sign the yellow sheet and have your kiddo bring it back to school by Monday. We will finish filling it with all of our creative unit items and send it home in June to keep.

Library Field Trip

Monday, May 22nd, 12:15-1pm

Pewaukee Public Library

We will not have a chance to check out books, so students can leave their library cards at home.

Miss DeWitt Out---Student Council Field Trip

Tuesday, May 23rd, 8:30am-3:30pm

Miss DeWitt's Room

I will have a sub all day and will not have access to email, as I will be on a field trip with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Student Council representatives.

Band/Choir Choice Forms are Due

Wednesday, May 24th, 8:30am

Miss DeWitt's Room

A letter and the form were sent to parents via email. I also sent a copy of the form with your child today.

Project Pitch It Field Trip

Thursday, May 25th, 9pm

Cardinal Stritch University

Make sure your child brings a bag cold lunch, as we will be eating at Cardinal Stritch.

Mile Run

Thursday, May 25th, 2:30pm