The Shoreline Biome

By: Layne

What is it like there?


The temperature in the shorelines of Florida would be a lot warmer than the shorelines of Maine and New Hampshire. But since the water part of the shoreline is shallow it is warm compared to the deeper parts of the ocean even if it is near the deep parts.


The land part of the shore can be different in all different places. In Maine a shore would be very rocky. In Florida the shore is all flat and sandy. The landscapes are changing. All over the world shores are in danger for many reasons. One of the reasons is that litter left by people can ruin things like their homes, lives, and food. Oil spills also are taking over. They can wipe out lots of animals by turning their fresh, clean water they live in into dirty, unhealthy water. The other reason is that factory waste can be carried through sewers into the ocean. You have to remember that we share the beaches and oceans with wildlife and we need to be careful about our actions. The tide can definitely change the landscape. When the tide comes in it brings in shells, animals and plants. When the tide goes back out it brings back the shells and things. It can carry back and forth all kind of rocks like; pebbles, Igneous rock, Metamorphic rock, Granules, and Sedimentary rock. There are also unusaul things the tide could bring in. One of them is seaglass or driftwood. Something that is very specail is a sand dollar.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

Here are the places where shores are:

Where the land meets the sea in these places;

  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Australia


How do plants survive?

Lots of plants make their homes on the shore of oceans. All necessities are available any time the plants need them. The shore is a good home for them because they have water and land and other animals in the ecosystem. Some of the species of plants that live there are; Seaweed, Kelp, Diatoms, and planktons. Seaweed has to adapt because it has no roots to support it and keep it in the ground when waves come crashing down on it. To adapt it has to live on the rocky shore.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Many animals live on the shore. And as you know, on Southern, sandy beaches it is hot. Some animals have to adapt to the hot weather by digging little holes. Down even a few inches it is wet, and cool. Clams, have to put out water tubes when the tide comes in to catch their food. Snails and worms eat the food that starts to sink into the sand. When the tide comes in it brings new, fresh water with new oxygen. The animals that need water but can't always have the advantage of being in the water, hold the water in them until the tide comes back out. Here are some of the animals that live in the water part of the shore: Crabs, shrimp, starfish, and sea biscuts.