Nord's Newsletter

March 28-April 1, 2016


Off to Unit 5 we go. The comprehension strategy of focus for weeks 1 and 2 will be summarizing narrative text. The students will read and work to identify the basics of somebody, wanted, but, so, and in the text. We will also be working on character's point of view in weeks 1 and 2. Students will have to infer based on the text to determine how the character thinks and/or feels. These concepts have been introduced before, but now we are working on mastery of the concept.


This week in math, students will be working with number stories with sharing situations with $10 and $1 bills. An example would be: If $68 is shared equally by 4 people, how much does each person get? The students will have play money to work through the problems we complete in class.

Then, we visit fractions again and locate them on a number line. We will also explore equivalent fractions.

Towards the end of the week, students will explore solid shapes (2-D and 3-D).

Unit 8 is a short unit and the test will be the week of April 4th.


We are in the science unit of Health and Nutrition. The student are partnered and learning about health and safety or nutrition. They work to complete a topic before moving on to the next. The students are doing a pretty great job in their partner groups staying on task, following directions, and using teamwork. Each day I meet with two groups each day to help them learn what they are working on and supervise the remaining groups as they independently work. As groups complete benchmarks on their matrix they have projects they can do. We have a few groups working on My Plate projects.

Google Slides

Last week, the students were introduced to google slides using the Chrome books with the help of some wonderful peer experts from Ms. Whitver's and Ms. QR's class to get us started. The students used their research from their animal report to make their slides. Once the basics were taught the kids were hooked into making their little practice presentation. They loved being able to customize their slides and even shared them with the class just for kicks.

The students will be able to make more google slides for a project in our health and nutrition unit. Several groups have already emailed me what they have learned with My Plate. I know the newness will wear off, but it is awesome to see their excitement while sharing their new content knowledge.

"Friday with Friends"

Big image
For the next five weeks, I'll be selecting four students to eat lunch in the classroom with me. I'm calling it "Friday with Friends". The students above in the photo were the first group to eat with me. As the end of the year is approaching, I realized we haven't eaten in the room much, and this is a real treat for the students. I am looking forward to these lunch dates ahead. It's fun listening to their conversations and building relationships with their peers.

Up-Coming Schedule

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art & No Library due to the late start
**Late Start**

Thursday: PE
*Substitute-I will be at a meeting all day.*
**Visual Art Night 5:00-7:30**

Friday: Music
**J-Hawk Huddles**
*Meals for the Heartland 2nd money collection**On March 25, over $1000 in change has been donated.*