Commercial Fisherman

By Johnny Nguyen and Jose Patlan

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Job Description

Commercial fishing , also known as industrial fishing, is the activity of catching fish and other seafood for commercial profit.

Work Conditions

Fisherman work in very adverse conditions during the fishing seasons. Dependent on where and what type of fish, the work conditions range from being gentle and easy to harsh and dangerous.


The equipment used for commercial fishing not only makes the job easier, but it shows how difficult the job can be.

Education needed

In certain areas, you may have to obtain a formal license, either the commercial fishing license or merchant mariner’s document.

Also needed is basic knowledge of operating a vessel.

Some areas you need to graduate high school or a GED, but not all places.

Salary and Opportunities

The average salary for a commercial fisherman is about $55000 a year.

The salary can vary greatly due to location, company, industry, experience, and benefits

You start out as a Boatswain, then advance to First Mate, then you become a Captain of your own ship. This process takes years to advance.


The pay is decent for this job

It’s an easy way to establish your own business in this industry and have your control over how your workday is arranged.

You get tons of hands on experience when you start out, making it easier to see if this job is for you.


The weather at sea can be unpredictable, which causes the job to be dangerous.

The use of nets and traps may inadvertently capture and kill other marine animals.

You may have to go out and work for months at sea, working hours a day

Current Need

People all over the world eat seafood.

This job helps feed the demand for seafood all around the world.

Commercial fishing is a major economic activity, employing more than 200 million people and generating more than $80 billion a year.

Why is it necessary

Commercial fishing provides a major source of food for all those who live all around the world.

It also plays an important role in the world economy, providing pay to people and helps with trade for other countries

Another reason is that it supplies jobs to millions of people all around.
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Commercial fishing provides seafood for people all around the world.