Literacy News Update

Kindergarten Literacy December 2015

In Literacy Group, we have focused on learning letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. We are now beginning to turn the focus to learning our sight words. The kids are doing a terrific job so far! Keep up all the hard work and practice at home! It truly makes a difference! The kids are applying this knowledge to reading books as well. Please encourage your child to reread his/her little Take Home Books over vacation!

Pictures of Us Learning

At Home Ideas

Vowel Songs on YouTube

There is a video like this one for all the vowels!

This is a great resource for listening to wonderful stories. They are read aloud by Hollywood actors!

Popcorn Words Game

This is an online game for kids to practice sight words.

From the Scholastic Article

-Play is the way in which children learn about themselves and the people and world around them. Limit screen time. The hours spent with these electronic devices could otherwise be spent talking, reading, or actively learning through play.
-Try to read together at least three times a day. (We know this is a lot to ask. Once a day is so much better than not at all!) Books are the gateway to building vocabulary, learning about print, and developing listening and other literacy skills.
-Homework is valuable learning time. Talk with your child about his homework. It shows him that you care and value what he does at school. (As always, thank you for the help you are giving your child with the activities in his/her literacy pouch.)

Sight Word Goal

Beginning readers need to have a "bank" of sight words memorized in order to read most Kindergarten books. We are working on those here at school and we have sent a set of word cards to practice at home.
For every 5 new words your child learns, they may choose something from our Prize Box. (Prizes include little books, matchbox cars, and other little, but exciting, items.) We are hoping the kids will take this as an incentive to get those brains growing and learn lots of new words! Thank you for your help at home with this important work!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a happy and restful vacation. Please remember that vacation can be a great "eraser!" Your child could forget a lot of the great learning (s)he has accomplished, if (s)he doesn't practice it over vacation. Hopefully the above links will give you a starting point. The kids also have their little "Take Home Books" to read as well. Thank you for all you do at home to support your learners!!
Wendy Cannon
Susan Smith
Literacy Teachers