Crispin The Cross Of Lead


Rating of the book

This realistic historical fiction is rated 5 star. The book started off with Crispin burying his mother which was a sad event. Crispin didn't even know his real name and was known by Asta's son.
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Protagonist and Antagonist

Crispin (Protangonist) was being hunted down for a crime he didn't even commit.

John Aycliffe (Antagonist) was hunting Crispin and accusing him of the crime so that Crispin couldn't inherit land and fortune that was rightfully his.

Medieval Times 1377 A.D.

Theme Identification

Fate plays a role in human life. Crispin was born to a mother who was poor and shunned by villagers. His choices and experiences in life are limited because of his birth. Plagues in England would wipe out different parts of society. Crispin met Bear and became his companion, Bear was born poor but kept trying to get more choices in life through his humor, magic and music.

Conflict Identification

Crispin is known as Asta's son. He doesn't know his father or his real name. After the death of his mother, his survival depended on the priest and Bear. He is accused of a crime he didn't commit. His accuser, John Aycliffe, wants to deny him the rights of his royal birth.


1. " As God in heaven says, wheat and trust take a full season to grow."

2. " That no man or women either, shall be enslaved to any other, but stand free and equal to one another." (John Ball)

Kids sing Gregorian Chant (Ave Maria)

Author Information

Avi wrote other books called," The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle, and "Nothing But The Truth." He won the Newberry medal awards in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006. Avi also won the Golden Kite award and the award Fiction Anne V. Arrow award for young readers.

Book Awards

The book won the John Newbarry medal award for its excellence in 2001
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