JISD Library Services Newsletter

September 2020 - Return to Learn Edition

Librarians Return to Learn

Technology Conference

Four of our librarians taught sessions in our Summer Technology Conference held virtually from July 14th - August 11th. The following librarians can assist you with the app or website, if you're looking for new ways to engage your students.

Katrina Simmons - Escondido Elementary - FlipGrip and Quizizz

April Schweizerhof - Wortham Oak Elementary - Padlet & Flippity, FlipGrid, Interactive Google Slides

Andrea Colwell - Kitty Hawk Middle School - FlipGrid

Pamela Arevalo-Thompson - Veterans Memorial High School - Nearpod

Canvas Trainers

All of the librarians attended training with Region 20 in order to train their faculty during our professional development days. Librarians are available to support teachers and students in Canvas throughout the year.

Zoom Office Hours

Many of our librarians are offering Zoom Office Hours to assist our students virtually, just as we do for students face-to-face. See our campus webpages.

Chromebook Distribution

Librarians and Librarian Assistants have been distributing Chromebooks to our students and families since August 17th. We will continue to assist in the one-to-one initiative as it grows.

Login Assistance

Librarians and Librarian Assistants have also been busy helping students with login issues, whether it's forgotten passwords or needing assistance with the process, we have been available both through phone calls and Zoom to help our communities.

Librarian Push-In

Many librarians are working with both teachers and students by pushing into teacher's Canvas classes. Students have learned how to navigate our virtual libraries by creating holds in Destiny Discover. Librarians are also assisting teachers with curriculum development and co-teaching classes.

Our world looks different, but we are striving to give the best customer service!

Library Services Electronic Resources

TexQuest Resources

Our students and staff have access to all of our TexQuest resources from anywhere in the world! Click on this link to access them: https://www.galepages.com/texquest2/resources

Get your username and password from your school librarian.Many of the resources are compatible with Google, so students may save articles, highlight, take notes, and cite their sources.

If you teach reading, and you haven't used Teaching Books, you are missing out! There are thousands of author interviews, hundreds of readers theaters scripts, and lesson plans. Check it out!

Learn360 has thousands of videos with transcripts, printables, and STEM lessons.

Learning Express (not pictured) has test prep resources including STARR (all levels), SAT, ACT, and TSI.

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Sora provides our students and faculty with access to eBooks and audiobooks through Judson ISD as well as the San Antonio Public Library. Through our partnership with SAPL, our users may borrow items from the SAPL Sora library without having a SAPL card.

To access Sora, go to your JISD Portal and select Sora. Click "login to your application" (pictured below). When asked to enter your school's name, enter Judson ISD. Your school name is Judson ISD as well.

To add the San Antonio Public Library, click the pancakes in the upper right corner (pictured below), click "Add a Library," and type in San Antonio Public Library.

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Coming Soon

Learning Ally Collaboration

Library Services is excited to collaborate with the Dyslexia department to support Learning Ally for all of our students! "The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a multi-sensory reading accommodation that levels the playing field for students who struggle to read due to a reading deficit, providing them the opportunity to achieve in school and in life. Gaining access to the books they want to read—and the books they need to read—in an easy-to-absorb format can be a game changer."

Students who qualify to use Learning Ally include students with a reading deficit, visually impaired students, and students with other disabilities.

Look for information coming soon from the dyslexia teachers and librarians!

Re-imagined Battle of the Books

Because the Battle of the Books competition was cancelled in April due to the Covid-19 closure, we are having a Re-Imagined Battle sometime in October. All sixth grade students that would like to participate will sign up with their middle school librarian. They will get the link to the Kahoot! challenge, and they will have one week to complete it. The top 20% of participants will move forward to Round 2. The top 20% of that group will move on to Round 3. The winner of Round 3 will be our new champion.

This Re-Imagined Battle is an individual contest rather than a team competition.

Look for more details and dates in our October newsletter.

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Featured Librarians

Judson High School

Although we were sad to lose Mrs. Boyd who became the librarian at Metzger MS, the JHS Library was excited to welcome a new library clerk: Ms. Roxanna Quiroga-Lopez. She comes to JHS from Hartman where she worked as an instructional paraeducator in Special Ed. Already her can-do attitude and her amazing Spanish language skills have helped us better serve our customers. The JHS Library staff has been busily working to ensure that students and staff had the tools necessary to thrive in this new virtual world of education. Mrs. Ortiz hosted 9 professional development sessions for teachers and administrators demonstrating various tools for tech integration. She also provided initial Canvas training for 79 teachers, as well as hosting various Zoom office hours to walk teachers individually through their specific questions with Canvas. The JHS staff also distributed 596 Chromebooks to JHS students between August 18th and August 25th-- including on a Sunday afternoon. Since school began, Mrs. Ortiz has hosted Zoom Virtual Office Hours daily from 8AM to 8:30PM that allow parents and students struggling with technology to visit with her one-on-one so she can walk them through trouble to solution, especially with Canvas login procedures. Frustrated parents shout for joy when they finally see their students' course cards and have been so thankful for this personalized tour. In addition she has continued to support teachers through these same Zoom Office Hours. She will continue to host virtual office hours via her Ask a Librarian link on the JHS Library Webpage. Mrs. Ortiz also created her own Bitmoji library page to curate resources for students and teachers. This page will continue to change and link to other specialized pages to ensure that reliable and trustworthy resources that meet students' and staff members' academic, instructional, and social-emotional needs are just one click away.

Spring Meadows & Elolf Elementary

Hello everyone! In addition to the tech training, Zoom meetings, Chromebook distribution and online lesson creation, we have been working to reorganize the Spring Meadows Library since they have been without a full-time Librarian for a while and it needs some TLC (although kudos to Sara Pena for all she did last year here to help out!!!) . We are catching up on library processing, book repairs, weeding and moving books into a more user friendly arrangement.

The Elolf library is currently under construction, so I packed all of the books and materials in every part of the library, labeled them for reorganizing, and moved them to another room. I also created a "mini-library" on the cafeteria stage for check-out. Ms. Bronson and I participated in an Introductory Zoom meeting with the Specials Teachers at SME and got to know some of the students. We also created a video for the morning announcements at Elolf! We plan on big things happening this year so stay tuned! Go Thunderbolts and Hawks!!

Bitmoji Fun in the Library!

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If you have a question about this newsletter or a suggestion, please contact Lead Librarian, Pamela Arevalo-Thompson.