Braun Cassette Series

Braun Cassette Series

Braun Cassette Series

The lines of products that have been produced by Braun include the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series and the CoolTech. These are some of the best electric shavers and they have variations that are based on small tweaks designed to give the users a more personalized form of service.

The OptiFoil feature is found in two of the series shavers and it has made it possible to shave faster and give a closer clean shave as a result of the OptiFoil capturing hair during the shaving process. It helps to have the best Braun electric shaver that shaves fast, especially for a person who shaves every morning.

Many of the electric shaver reviews show that the Braun electric shaver’s series produces well designed and high quality products. The quality can also be measured in terms of the services that the machine provides and how efficient it is. The shavers are equipped with features that make them more efficient and useful thus increasing their quality.

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The performance of the shavers differs from one to the next, with some being stronger in terms of performance, than others. The best electric shaver has a very high performance as opposed to the other simple shavers in the market.

This is one of the two main shaving designs, the other is rotary design. The Opti Foil design uses a foil with slots placed on top of cutting blades that cut the hair that comes through the slots. The foil design gives the best and closest cut and leaves you with no irritations at all. The use of the Opti Foil makes this one of the most favorable ladies electric shavers based on its’ performance.

The active lift is a trimmer that has made the difficult task of shaving the flat hair very simple and fast. You just move the trimmer along the areas with the flat hair and it cleans them out, this include that facial hair and that beard though it can be used for any other shaving.

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