Soda's Effect on Plants

By: Gabe Hopkins


If soda is added to a plant regularly, then the plant will eventually die.


First, two of the same plants will be placed in a natural environment. The first plant will be labeled Plant A and the second will be named Plant B. Plant A will act as a control and will only receive water throughout the testing week. Plant B will receive 0.5 liters of soda and 0.5 liters of water. Plant A will receive 1 liter of water a day. After each watering once a day, the condition of the plant will be recorded in the lab book. Then, after 5 days, both of the plants will be compared.

Sample Data

Plant A (day observations)

1. Plant seems fine, green coloration.

2. Plant seems to have no change, still green

3.Plant is starting to grow more, buds forming

4.Buds continuing to form, new stems too

5. Plant is continuing to form buds and stems.

Plant B (day observations)

1. Plant is healthy, green coloration

2. Plant's green color is starting to fade.

3. Plant is beginning to have a yellow color

4. Yellowish brown coloring in plant, dying stems

5. Plant is now dead and brown.


In conclusion, the effect of soda on plants is detrimental because the Plant B died after 5 days with exposure to soda while the control, Plant A, continued to grow more buds and stems.