Never be a bully or act like a buly

Types Of Bullying

There are 4 different types of bullying. There is Verbal Bullying. There is Social Bullying. There is Physical Bullying. There is also Cyber Bullying.

How do Bullies look like

Bullies can be small or big or tall or short. Bullies are people who be mean to you. They could be a girl or boy.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is when bullies are hitting you, kicking you, biting you, scratching you, pushing you and tripping you. It is when bullies do a action or movement that touches you. This is a criminal offence. Physical bullying is when bullies use their whole strength to beat up their enemy / victim.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is when bullies are teasing you, name calling you, threatening you and etc.It is when bullies are using there words to bully.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is when bullies go on the internet and bully you. For kids. Never go on websites such as twitter , Hotmail, Gmail and exedra without parents permission.


Bystanders are people who stare through the whole situation while the bully bullies the victim. They do not help the victim who is being bullied.

Social Bullying

Social bullying is when bullies lye, spread rumors about you, play a nasty joke, mimicking and excluding someone from a group. Social bullying is when bullies hurt your emotions which is called emotional bullying.

stop bullying

If a bully bullies you first walk away then ignore the bully finally tell a adult that you know that will help you.
Say NO! to Bullies!!