Paxton Faculty Newsletter

Week of September 24, 2018

At Paxton, we do everything with PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE in EPIC proportions!

Let's make it P.O.P!


Paxton School enables student achievement with a dynamic faculty devoted to high academic standards and commitment to continuous improvement and success.

It’s H.A.M.R. Time!

High Expectations + Accountability + Motivation = Results

EPIC Shout Out!

Mrs. Brazile’s class would like to thank Mrs. Wright for helping us to create the “superhero” in all of us! We appreciate you teaching us how to be creative! Thank you, Mrs. Wright, for all that you do for us!

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In the Spotlight

Book Fair & Art Display

Collaboration and Creativity blended together to make it POP for our students, parents, and community. Thank you to Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Wilson, & Mrs. Wright for making this event a success!

The article below includes great tips for conducting successful parent teacher conferences.

Differentiated Accountability: We are proudly educating 799 future leaders.

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Instructional Focus

Learning Targets

  • The first instructional round of our targeted feedback cycles is almost complete. The next round will begin in a couple of weeks. A targeted feedback cycle consists of a 10-15 minute pre-meeting, a 15-20 minute observation focusing on the "look fors" you and I establish, and a post-meeting to analyze the results. The intent of instructional rounds is for professional development. It is NOT evaluative.
  • Administrative walk-throughs are focusing on Daily Learning Targets, Student Engagement, & Intentional Questioning.

Professional Development Updates

Please refer to the September PD Calendar below. This calendar includes all trainings available in the district. If there is a training you are interested in attending and you have not been contacted by me , please let me know.
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Wednesday, 9.26.18: All County Music Series Workshop @ PDC  times vary:  8:00 - 11:30 Instrumental; 10:00 - 2:30 Elementary and Choral;  Substitutes paid through Local Inservice; Contact: Keitha Bledsoe

Important Information

  • Communication: Email is our main form of communication and assists in the operational efficiency of our school functions. It is important to read and respond to emails in a timely manner. Please schedule a time to check and respond to emails each day.
  • Parent Portal: The parent portal in FOCUS is designed to keep parents informed of current student performance. Student grades should be entered as they become available to assist in keeping our parents up-to-date on their student's performance.
  • Math Coach: Katie Moore will be at Paxton on September 24th.
  • Flu Shots:

    We will be offering flu vaccines

    Tuesday, September 25th

    Starting at 7:15

    100 % covered on the Walton Co BCBS insurance plans

    Please fill out the immunization form with personal info and BCBS ID number. Bring this form with you to get the vaccination (we will also have forms available for you that day), and we will take care of the rest for you!

    Please sign up in the office (but not required) so we can have an idea of how many vaccinations to prepare for that day.

  • Baseline Edge: We do not have access to Baseline Edge at this time. I will let you know as soon as it is available to access.
  • Deliberate Practice: Goal #1 - As a result of incorporating daily learning targets in my classroom, students will increase their ______ performance from ____ to ____.
  • Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom: It is imperative ALL teachers adhere to the following classroom procedures regarding cell phone usage in the classroom. All cell phones are to be off and out of sight in the classroom. This includes listening to music with earphones. Classroom Disciplinary Procedures regarding cell phones: Record the infraction on the Behavior Tracking Form in the Student Planner and take the phone up. The phone should be sent to the office and parents will be contacted. It is imperative we all have the same expectations regarding cell phone usage in the classroom.
  • Attendance: Attendance should be taken each day. Secondary teachers need to take attendance each period in an effort to monitor students throughout the day.
  • Safety:
  1. Be on the lookout for a Lockdown Report from Officer Davidson and Officer Shover.
  2. ALL classroom doors MUST be locked at all times.
  • Passes: If you give verbal permission for students to go to the bathroom before the tardy bell, please ask them to take a pass.
  • Substitutes: Please use only the CURRENT and APPROVED Substitute List if you choose to obtain your own substitutes.
  • Passwords: Please do NOT give out your passwords to anyone.
  • Absences: Any time you are going to be out, please contact Ms. Cain, Ms. Neale, or Mr. Jackson.
  • Principals' Meeting: Thursday, September 27th - Please email or text me if you need me.
  • Substitutes: Please make sure you include in you substitute notes that students are not allowed to use cell phones. All cell phones should be OFF and Out of Sight.


September is Attendance Awareness Month. According to the United States Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection for 2013-14, 6.8 million students, or 14 percent of all students, were chronically absent. Interventions are important to help students stay on track for academic success. For resources and information to support school, family and community-based efforts, visit Attendance Works Toolkit.

September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Each year, Governor Rick Scott and the First Lady invite students in grades K-12 to participate in an art and essay contest in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. For more information on rules and guidelines for this year’s contest, visit Florida Hispanic Heritage Month. For fun facts, classroom lessons, activities, events and other resources, click here.

Calendar Additions:

NOTE: If there are any changes or additions, please contact the front office.

Science PLC

Wednesday, Sep. 26th, 10:30am

Conference Room

Algebra I and Geometry Retakes

Monday, Sep. 24th, 7:30am to Tuesday, Sep. 25th, 7:30am

Computer Lab

Students will report to Homeroom and will be called to the lab over the intercom.

Fire Drill

Wednesday, Sep. 26th, 9:45am

21893 U.S. 331

Laurel Hill, FL

4th Grade Biophilia

Thursday, Sep. 27th, 8am to Friday, Sep. 28th, 8am

4956 Florida 20

Freeport, FL