Rattan Read

February 20th- March 3rd

Important Dates


2/20 5th grade parents- Anna High School Assembly Hall- Elementary Presentation 6:00-6:30pm

2/27-3/3 Book Fair

3/2 - Open House 5pm- 7pm

3/2- Book Fair open during Open House

3/3 Book Fair will close at 10 am

3/3 - NO EARLY RELEASE due to snow days

3/6- 3/10 Spring Break

Book Fair! February 27th- March 3rd

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We LOVE our Counselor!

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Volunteering in AISD


Sweetheart Dance Postponed

We will still host a fun dance this semester on April 15th. More details to come!!! See you all soon.

5th Grade Parents

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Anna ISD regards parents/guardians of children as the first and primary teachers. This is especially the case in regard to spiritual, moral, and sex education. Sexuality education is the parent/guardian’s right and responsibility; by law, our role as educators through the teaching of courses such as health and other science disciplines is to provide instruction specific to human sexuality.

In response to Senate Bill 283, Anna ISD is providing written notice of our intent to provide human sexuality instruction to students who during registration opted in to program participation.

Anna ISD will utilize the 180 Degrees Sexual Education Program for grades 5-12, appropriate for each age level. Due to the sensitive nature of the program, parents have the opportunity to attend a parent preview/information night prior to the student presentation.

The parent presentation will be held on Monday, February 20th at the Anna High School Assembly Hall.

Elementary Presentation 6:00-6:30pm

Secondary Presentation 6:30-7:00pm

Campus Student Presentation: Thursday, March 2 1:15-2:45pm

Parents can find more information about any instructional materials regarding Human Sexuality by accessing https://180degreestx.com/parent-page-1.


Todd Frazier

Principal, Rattan Elementary

Gifted and Talented Referrals

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4- Day Instructional Week

Title 3 Information

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Running Late in the Morning?

Doors close at 7:30 am.

Students that arrive after 7:30am are REQUIRED to be signed in through the front office by an adult.

Happy Birthday Rattan Students!

Want to wish your Student a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the sign of RATTAN ELEMENTARY?

Send $5 (CASH or CHECK ONLY) to the front office, prior to their birthday, in order to wish them a Happy Birthday on Rattan's marquee. Please give a 48 hour notice.

Negative Lunch Balances

Unfortunately, free lunch and breakfast for everyone came to an end at the beginning of the school year. Please apply for free and reduced lunch/breakfast using the following link.

If your student has a negative balance of $5.00 or more they WILL NOT be permitted to receive the lunch menu item and will be given a sandwich. You can check your students' balance on the MySchoolBucks App. Also, letters from the cafteria will be sent home if your student's balance becomes negative.

My School Bucks

check balances and add money to your students' account

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Want to visit your student during lunch?

Reminder that lunch with students is only on Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. You may VOLUNTEER to help Monday-Friday.


Kinder- 11:20

1st- 12:20

2nd- 10:45

3rd- 11:55

4th- 11:05

5th- 11:45

When to keep your child home from school

  • Children who have the following symptoms should stay home and not come to school until these symptoms have been gone for at least 24 hours without the help of medication.

    • Fever (100 degrees or higher)
    • Sore Throat (with fever or swollen neck)
    • Persistent Vomiting or Diarrhea
    • Rash (with fever and itching)
    • Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye (your child can attend school 24 hours after starting medical treatment)

    A child with a typical cold but no fever or green drainage may come to school.

Rattan and Anna ISD Information


  • Class begins promptly at 7:30 - students may be dropped off at school at 7:05
  • Buses and Daycare will drop off at the front of the school
  • Carpool will drop off on south side of building, then front carpool drop off will open at 7:15.
  • If you choose to drop off in the front, please do not pass a parked bus.
  • To ensure the safety of all students, please do not park and have your child walk through the parking lot.
  • Tardy bell rings at 7:30. If a student is tardy, PARENTS will need to come into the building and sign your student in.

Dismissal Procedures

  • School is dismissed at 3:05. Please have a conversation with your student about their mode of transportation
  • Buses and Daycare will load at the front of the school
  • Carpool - cars will load on the south side of the building. All cars must have the family number.
  • Walkers will be released the same time as Carpool. Oak Hollow students will meet up with Parents and Siblings on the Oak Hollow side of Ferguson (after the student has been walked through the crosswalk. Lakeview students will be walked across the carpool lane to meet up with Parents and Siblings. Westfield walkers will meet in the foyer of the school and a teacher will walk them to the north side of the school.
  • Parents must make all transportation changes on the PikMyKid app before 2:35.
  • We will not change a student from bus or car rider to walker over the phone.

Early Pick-Up

  • If you need to pick your student up earlier than the normal dismissal/pick up time, you must arrive before 2:35. If a student is leaving for a medical appointment a note will need to be turned in when the student returns for attendance purposes.
  • Students will not be released through the office after 2:35.
  • You will need proper identification in order to pick up a student early. Proper identification is a valid driver's license and/or a picture ID.
  • Person picking up the student will NEED to be listed on the Emergency Contact list.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Why do you 💜 AISD?

The “I 💜 AISD” campaign is an intentional effort by Anna ISD to lead the charge for the district’s engagement efforts with the entire AISD community. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about why you 💜 AISD. Responses will be shared on our website and communication materials.

How to Navigate Schoology

All About AISD

New to Anna ISD? Or just need a refresher of all the WONDERFUL things about AISD? Click the link to learn more about district programs, campus resources and parent-engagement strategies.