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The Sketchnote Edition

Why Teach Visual Note Taking?

From Tom Wujec: 3 ways the brain creates meaning: "So the point of this is what? We make meaning by seeing, by an act of visual interrogation. The lessons for us are three-fold. First, use images to clarify what we're trying to communicate. Secondly make those images interactive so that we engage much more fully. And the third is to augment memory by creating a visual persistence. These are techniques that can be used to be -- that can be applied in a wide range of problem solving."

Visual Notetaking

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My first Sketchnote attempt at everything I learned about Sketchnotes is pictured (above). It's a great example of why a student may need to do a rough draft (this would be a rough draft because the structure is terrible) and then create a final, shareable, copy. I used a notebook and a pen because I don’t have a stylus for my iPad yet and I don’t like drawing with my finger. Since we don’t have iPads for students, this is most likely the medium we will be using for student note-taking. There is most definitely added value in the shared digital content that sketchnoting on a tablet allows, but I think this can still work for us. With Thinglink (see blog button below), you can see that an image is uploaded, easily done with a camera phone, and then links to content are added to the image by using the website. I think this would be a great way to motivate students to do additional research on a topic. I have a feeling that students would really like spending a class period in the lab looking for additional resources to link to their notes.

After creating a Thinglink of a sketchnote it can be added to the class blog, or shared on social media, for even more learning and discussion.
Blog: The Bucket List

This blog post shows an example of how I used sketchnotes to Thinglink to create a digital portfolio of my professional growth. It is worth taking a look because this strategy could be easily applied to students in the classroom.

Some of more of my sketchnotes:

My Google Slides Presentation

This is from our staff development day at CMS. You can go through these slides and get lots of resources and ideas for teaching visual note taking to your class. Email me if you would like the hand-outs as well.

My sketchnote board on Pinterest (lots of different examples here):

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