Québec Departure Update

On y va!


The coach bus will leave YMS at 6:00 a.m on Thursday morning.

Be at school for 5:45. You can rest on the bus.

Please wear comfortable clothes for the ride, but do not wear PJs!

Do you still owe your Birth Certificate or Passport?

If so, please send it in ASAP.
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SAFETY information

Please review the safety material with your student. This can be found on ACIS' website. We of course will review the material en route, but it is important that students hear the same message from parents. Also, please review proper hotel etiquette.

Be aware of the local and destination forecast. Weather related concerns will be addressed via Remind texting.

If you have not yet signed up, the directions were in the informational packet given out at the departure meeting. The packet is linked to this announcement as well.

Don't Forget to....

  • give your medicine(s) in original bottles to the Nurse by Tuesday.
  • get Canadian currency BEFORE we leave.
  • have both American and Canadian money in your carry on, NOT suitcase.
  • your tips for the guide and driver ready for collection (again in your carry on).
  • pack warmly and carefully.
  • let your phone carrier know you will be in Canada and turn in your permission form.
  • bring the baggage form the morning of our departure.
  • follow bus snack guidelines.
  • leave your laptop at home.
  • pack WARM clothes.

Take note!

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We have SEVERAL students traveling on the trip with allergies.

Please follow the bus snack guidelines!

Also, fruits and Veggies may not be taken across the border.

Recent changes:

We will no longer be ending our trip with a visit to the mall and mega park. Due to construction, the mega park is not open and the food court not easily accessible. We will end the trip with dog sledding. We will stop, just outside Québec City for a lunch break before heading directly home.

A special gift from ACIS!

Students will receive a small backpack WED in class to use as their carry on. Each student is expected to use this gift as a way to carry their water bottle, to house their phone, and to store their hat/gloves. Please also back it with the tip money and needed travel money as well.

Departure morning: Feb 1st

Arrive at 5:45.

Check in by getting your luggage tag, tagging your suitcase and turning in your baggage form