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The first librarian who represented Suriname in the ACURIL Executive Council (Caracas), studied law at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

Ine Tsai Meu Chong was the first director of the University library and managed librarianship for more than thirty years. Worth mentioning is her contribution to the introduction of ICT in libraries in Suriname; promotion of the library software CDS-ISIS, CD-ROMs, cybertheek and the first step towards the use of the Internet on the university.

She also was aware of the need of qualified library assistants. She started in the eighties the first library training school for library managers.

Collaborative Continuing Education: Learn, Act and Inspire: Professional and Personal Development Opportunities for Lifelong Learning in Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Caribbean.


Sub-Theme I

Assessing and identifying professional and personal learning needs and opportunities

Updating old skills and learning new ones. The advancement in the career ladder of information professionals rethinking and reinventing learning.

Keynote speaker: Harold Koning Ph.D., MSW, M.Ed., C.Ht. Life, Career, Wellness Coaching. Founder of Dynamic Wellness Strategies

Sub-Theme II

Collaborative Learning for All: Developing and Implementing a Professional/Personal Learning Plan

Refurbishing and acquiring new competencies and cultural heritage through transdisciplinary collaboration that focuses on opportunities for knowledge workers to work in teams, communities, and organizations that encompass multiple ways of knowing and collaborating.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Fay Durrant, Department of Library and Information, Studies University of the West Indies, Mona

Sub-Theme III

Evaluating Learning Outcomes and Search for New Opportunities of Continuous Learning and Performance

Improving social, professional and personal abilities (self-awareness, self-knowledge) for the joy of learning and a better quality of life.

Keynote speaker: Eric L. Block MS, MA, “Leadership and Development Consultant and Founder and President of the Block International Group (BIG)