Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

February 1st - 5th


-Please send in BOXTOPS to help support our school (by Friday)!

-Family Valentine Mailbox Project - Due Thurs. February 11th

-Monday, February 15th - Presidents' Day - No School!

*Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday Feb. 16th and Thursday Feb. 18th!


Monday - Reading - Book Baggy

Tuesday - Reading / Math Practice

Wednesday - Read Where Does Food Come From?

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

**Sound Say 18 - Due Friday!


Journeys Text of the Week: Where Does Food Come From?

Skill - Author's Purpose

Phonics - Vowel Pairs ai and ay / Contractions with 'll and 'd / Phonograms - ay and -ain

Grammar - Names of Months, Days, and Holidays

Words to Know - first / food / ground / right / sometimes / these / under / your

Spelling - Words with ai and ay - play / grain / sail / may / rain / way / day / stay / pain / mail *Bonus Words* railroad / vegetable


Chapter #5 - Shapes and Solid Figures

  • Shapes - triangle / rectangle / square / circle
  • Solid Figures - cube / sphere / rectangular prism / cylinder

***TEST Friday***

*Hensler's Hints*

- Cut out shapes found in newspapers or magazines.

- Make a list of words that rhyme using the -ain chunk.

- After reading books at home discuss why they think the author chose to write the book.

-Practice using contractions in sentences. (Examples I haven't had any cookies. / We'll be going on the bus / She'd like to go swimming.)

***Bring in any extra work for a treat from the Snowman Jar!