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Welcome to Fab Fashion! Hi, my name is Donamarie Ferro. I'm a 12 year old in Fashion 101, and this is my blog. I made this to show different aspects of the fashion world and ways to create. I will post tricks, tips, and how-to's.

Sketching and Design

Interior Design

Movin Groovin Marketing

When advertising or marketing, remember to broadcast the product and get a celebrity or well known speaker to sponsor it. Use bright, colorfully things to draw attention to your product.

Fab Fashion Throwback (1990's)

Sewing Construction

In Fashion class, you learn how to hand sew and stitch. Using a needle, we made felt monkeys. Using felt and thread we cut, and stitched, these adorable things!

How-To Weekly

Come check out our weekly How-To D.I.Y., craft, or projects. Every week there is a new trend or fad to add to your life. Customers and viewers can comment below or email a suggestion or improvement.

This week we have a knotted t-shirt. Although there are many versions of a knotted t-shirt, today we are showing you the side version. With this shirt, you do not need any sewing material. The required items are a pair of scissors and a t-shirt. To make this shirt, measure how tight you want to make it and the extra material is the part you cut evenly. Do this on both sides, then stretch. With the front and back of the shirt, double knot the strips of fabric together. This brings the shirt back together. If you want to do extra, cut off any sleeve parts and make the shirt a muscle t-shirt.