The Sweltering Sahara

Sahel Region of Africa

The Sweltering Sahara Sahel region of Africa.

We had crashed in Sweltering Sahara in Africa.We have tropical climate and the tempture range is is high.

How to survive in the Sahara?

What You need to survive :

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Map
  • protecting gear from the wind and sand

Animals in the Sahara.

We have Chameleons , Barbary Sheep , and Spotted Hyenas. You can eat a Barbary sheep and cut off it's coat to keep you warm at night when the destert gets cold at night. They have horns so when some one try to hurt they're family or hurt them they use they're horns. Yes it is likely to be dangerous because when some other animal attack them or anything that can harm them.

Plants in the Sahara.

We have different kind of plants like Acacia, Date Palm , Tamaraix . The Acacia plant can be helpful by giving off Nitrogen and air . The Acacia plant is edible as a new human food source. This plant is harmful by killing wild dogs and pest species .
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