Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Created by Ryan Linton

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Early Years

Vivaldi was born in in Venice, Italy on March 4th 1678. He had 8 siblings. Four brothers and four sisters. When he was born he had a medical problem. He called it tightening of the chest. But it is known as asthma. He started to play the violin at a very young age but he didn't only want to be a composer. He also wanted to be a priest. He became a priest in 1703. He was known as the red priest.
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Vivaldi in Venice

Vivaldi spent most of his time in Venice. He was born there and lived there as a child. Vivaldi and his 8 siblings all lived there together. He eventually left Venice and moved to Vienna, Austria. Thats where he died.
Antonio Vivaldi - Autumn (Full) - The Four Seasons

Vivaldi's Music

Vivaldi is mostly symbolized by his piece Four Seasons. He usually used violin in his songs. His father Giovanni Bautista taught him how to first play the piano. His four seasons piece he has 4 songs. One for Autumn, Spring, Winter, and Summer.

Other Vivaldi Musics

Other musics by Vivaldi are Gloria and Magnificat. In all of these songs he has used the violin. But these arent his only songs. He also wrote over 200 songs!


Vivaldi is known today for his songs and for teaching music. Especially for teaching girls. When his female students preformed he usually covered them with a curtain or with an iron lattice. His music was not as popular right after his time. after about 200 years. He didn't only teach music but he played it. He often played for King Charles the 6th. But King Charles died of food poisoning. Shortly after Vivaldi died in 1741. He was then buried at a very quiet ceremony. His burial site eventually got covered up and cannot be found today.

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