Endangered Pandas


Pandas are Chinese bears. The belong to the bear family.


Pandas are smaller than the grizzly bears.They have black and white fur. They also has a

black patch around its eye.


Pandas love to eat lots and lots of Bamboo. Pandas are Herbivores because they only eat plants.


Pandas walk with thier hands and feet all the time.

Interesting Facts About Pandas

Pandas are very cute. Pandas scratch themselves on trees to leave a scent.

When a boy panda is 7 and a girl panda is 6 that is when they mate.

Why are they endangered?

Pandas are endangered species .They are endangered beacause humans hunt them for their fur.

How to stop them from being endangered?

Stop humans from killing them and not buying things made from pand's fur.


Cyrus Villanueva 2K