C&G Burger Joint

Best in town

Our Restaurant has the best fast food and sit down place for burgers

This Restaurant will be located in downtown Charlotte serving all sorts of delicious burgers, appetizers and sides! it will be located in a causal neighborhood, nothing to fancy and it will be affordable for any one to enjoy these delicious burgers and our culture is American culture.

The workers that make our shop function right!

In order to run this Joint we need 4 of our best cooks, 4 managers 2 from morning to afternoon and then the other 2 for the afternoon until midnight, 15 waitress total, 6 from morning to afternoon then 8 from afternoon till midnight.

Dining Room

Our Dining style is Modern American Style, we like to keep it simple and easy here for our customers to get what they want. We have casual dining and quick service so if you're not wanting to stay in eat but instead take it home. and there is no catering here.


Here is a little taste of our Menu, we have much more but this is what we have for yall

Appetizers-Famous Homemade Hush puppies

-Freshly sliced and cooked fries

Salads-Chicken Salad

-Caesar Salad

Soups-Chicken noodle soup

-Vegetable soup

Entrees-The Ultimate bacon cheeseburger

-The Volcano chili cheese fries

-The Hushpuppie burger

-The four cheese triple burger

Desserts-Hot fudge sundae

-large cookie topped off with vanilla ice cream

Beverages- Dr.pepper



-Sweet tea


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The Manager, The Cook, The waiter


for a successful restaurant you will need all sorts of equipment and smallwares in order to prep and cook your food.

Here are the things that we need in order to make our food good and efficient.



-Bread knife


-Food holder(holds already cooked and ready to make foods)

-Vegetable area( Where all of the Veggies will be located)


Hushpuppies- Step 1-stir the batter 10 times around the bowl or just until dry and liquid ingredients are barely combined together.

Step 2-Use a pot that is at least 6 inches deep and fits the largest element on your cook top.

Step 3- Add about 2 to 3 inches of oil into your pot and needs to maintain a temperature of 375 Degrees

Step 4- drop the hush puppies batter using two soup size spoons sprayed with vegetable cooking spray

Step 5-Sometimes the hush puppies will flip themselves over but if they don't use a spoon or frying utensil and manually flip them

Step 6- remove from oil to oil strainer and let cool for about 2 minutes

fries- Step 1- get a nice potato and slice it anyway you want it

step 2- get the fryer warmed up and make sure to use peanut oil

step 3-for your seasonings use salt

step 4- fry until browned, remove from fryer and let sit for about 5 minutes or until


step 5- serve immediately

Chicken salad- The chicken is already prepped and so is the salad

-put salad in bowl

-Add cooked chicken on top

-Topped off with sliced tomatoes




-thinly sliced carrots

Caesar salad-

-use whole leaves




-light ranch dressing

Chicken noodle soup

-Get a large pot

-melt butter

-Cook onion and celery in butter until just tender

-Pour in chicken and vegetables broths and stir in chicken,noodles,basil,oregano,salt and pepper

-bring to a boil

-reduce heat and let simmer for 20 minutes

Vegetable soup

-Add stock,carrots,parsnip,celery

-lower the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes

-season with little salt and pepper to taste

-serve as chunky vegetable broth or blitz with a hand blender

The ultimate bacon burger

-slice bun and place of plate

-first cook the hamburger meat

-lay it on the bottom bun

-cook bacon and add on soon

-lay cheese on top of hot hamburger meat

-then add lettuce tomatoes, onions,pickles, mayo,ketchup,mustart

-put together

-serve immediately

The volcano chili cheese fries

-toss down fries

-lay chili on top

-add shredded cheese

- add jalapenos

-add saracha sauce

-add more chili on top

The hushpuppie burger

-lay hush puppie buns

-lay fresh burger meat on buns



-honey barbecue

The four cheese triple burger

-lay buns on table

-toss on one patty

-lay cheese

-toss on another patty

-add bacon



-another patty

-more cheese

Hot fudge sundae

-get glass cup

-add vanilla ice cream

-hot fudge on top

-cookie crumbs


Large cookie topped with ice cream

-lay cookie on plate

-melt more chocolate

-lay 3 scoops of ice cream on top

-top off with caramel and hot fudge

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