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Bishop Woods Newsletter 9.26.21

Hello Bishop Woods Family!

As we enter Week 5 of school, we have some updates to share.


We appreciate your patience and understanding with dismissal. We are working on a new system to speed up the process of getting students to their vehicles. We are hoping this will decrease your wait time. We understand the frustrations around dismissal, however picking students up early is interfering with the instruction and learning of your child and the other students. Our teachers are teaching up until 2:45, when the school day ends. If your child needs to be picked up early, a note must be sent with your child or a phone call made to the office by 1:00. This will eliminate the many phone calls to the classroom. We truly need your support in adhering to this policy so we can best educate your child.

Orientation Forms and AUP

A big "thank you" to all the parents who completed the AUP for your child to get a Chromebook. If you have not completed the form and still need assistance please contact the office so we can set up a time for you to receive help. You can also call the district helpline at 475-220-1900.

Open House

If you were unable to attend our open house on Wednesday, the presentations will be posted on our website. Please visit www.bishopwoodsschool.com to view.

School Dress Code

We truly appreciate the families who are sending their children to school in uniforms. Any family who may need help with the uniform, please reach out and call the school. We may be able to assist you. Students can not wear ripped jeans of any kind- this includes no rips with leggings and/or patches. Students who wear their uniform will be receiving rewards.

Mask Wearing

We need to wear masks to protect ourselves and others. We also need to ensure they are worn properly. Please reiterate to your children the important of mask wearing. If possible, please provide an extra mask for your child to keep in their backpack.

I would like everyone to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and looking forward to seeing everyone this week!

Ms. Crisci

A Look Inside Bishop Woods!

Big picture

Happy Birthday!!

Jai'den Walker - Sept. 19th

Aya Elgarrab - Sept. 19th

Noah Alvarado - Sept. 19th

Osoquaye Adu- Martinez - Sept. 20th

Jprdan Lee - Sept. 20th

Bradley Martinez - Sept. 20th

Zion Morales - Sept. 21st

Ziyah Reaves Clough -Sept. 21st

Zoila Reaves Clough - Sept. 21st

John Mabry - Sept. 22nd
Chris Rincon - Sept. 22nd
Zoe Corchado - Sept 22nd
Jhosemar Heras Abad -Sept 23rd

Lexi Mears - Sept 23rd
Larry Mears - Sept. 23rd

Terrance Paige - Sept 24th

Dr. Gersch - Sept. 25th

Kevin Rodriguez - Sept 26th

Jesiah Feliciano - Sept 27th

Mrs. Campo - Sept. 29th

Ruth Jorge Lugo - Sept. 30th

Mrs. Heiter - Sept. 30th

Save The Date!


Oct. 11th- NO SCHOOL - Indigenous Peoples' Day

Oct. 20th - Early Dismissal Teacher Development


Here is the direct link to the district calendar on the NHPS website. I have also provided a photo below.


Online form that must be completed to receive a school issued device


  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - This form is necessary in order for your child to receive their school issued Chromebook

Tie Dye Day - We Have School Spirit!