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I am trying something new. Love some feedback on it.

The sidewalk around the A pod, the small playground, and the sidewalk out to the playground from the A pod will be getting some updating. The cement and sidewalks are being repaired for more appropriate access to the building. They are going to try to do some of the work on the weekend. However, there may be sometimes we have to block off access to those spaces. We will let you when or if that happens.

Conferences and report cards: I know you all had a terrifically full, exhausting, busy, overwhelming week, weekend and previous week. Please leave early on Friday, if you can. As a small, small, small stress reliever, please wear jeans next week.

Next week is the fall festival so mark your calendars.

We still can use some volunteers to help with day care for our parent education night. A $25 gift card is a small way to say thank you. Boone, PTA and the church are sponsoring a talk on fiscal responsibility.

PPfT-Don't forget that the "classroom visits" we are doing are not a part of your "observation". The way we are using them is a pre visit to the observation. We are trying to share ideas for "taking it to the next level". Ideas you can consider for the official observation. PDAS was different. We did not do pre walk throughs before the 45 minute observation. Walk throughs could positively or reversely impact your scores on the domains. The visits are intended to support. Remember, we can do more than 3 classroom visits for the year.

Gardening club-Thank you to the Boone staff who are joining Jennifer, Kareen and Kirsten with the gardening club. It was a huge hit yesterday.

Technology refresh-We were given more money to purchase new devices due to our large increase in enrollment. We have 4 companies and platforms to choose from. If you are interesting in weighing in on which ones to choose, please let Stephanie know. You can find the options we have on the AISD tech website under the 2013 Bond Refresh and under devices. I want to make sure we get as many as possible for the best use of our money.

Oct 16 National Bosses Day
Oct 19 Boone University
Oct 19 Testing Lytton/Bolen
Oct 20 ARD/CST
Oct 20 PK testing
Oct 21 Principal meeting at Delco
Oct 21 Rosalie's birthday
Oct 21 Testing for Jacques/Caterisano
Oct 22 Data Day for PK3
Oct 22 Read for the Record
Oct 22 Firefighters here for Kinder 9:30
Oct 22 CAC 4pm
Oct 22 Report Cards go Home
Oct 22 Samantha's birthday
Oct 22 Fall Festival
Oct 23 Awards Assembly
Oct 23 TGIF
Oct 24 Marathon Kids Kick off Mile
Oct 24 Iliana's birthday
Oct 26 Jackie's birthday
Oct 26 New Teacher meeting-Cole
Oct 27 AAPSA meeting for Kathy
Oct 27 PK to HEB
Oct 27 ARD/CSTs
Oct 28 Kinder data day
Oct 28 Parent Education Night 6:15-7:00
Oct 29 Jennifer's birthday
Oct 29 Flu Shots for kids
Oct 29 Third grade to the Zoo
Oct 30 Staff Luncheon
Oct 30 Jessica S.'s birthday
Oct 30 SLO submissions due
Oct 31 CIIP due
Oct 31 Amie's birthday
Oct 31 Carie's birthday