North American Arthropod

Most Wanted Smore Poster

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Choose an arthropod that is indigenous to North America. Create a most wanted Poster including the following project guidelines.

Check with Ms. Gallagher once you have discovered which North American Arthropod you want to research.

Project Guidelines


1. Name and Relations- Give the suspect’s scientific name. List the suspect’s taxonomy. State the common names of related organisms.

2. Aliases, AKA (also known as)- What are common names for the organism?

Body Plan

3. Identifying Features- Provide a detailed description of the suspect’s appearance, shape, size, color, texture, symmetry, segmentation (y/n), skeletal features, etc.

4. Distinguishing Marks- What distinguishes the suspect from its relatives? (For example, what features would allow you to pick your organism out of a line up of its relatives?) What features are unique, special, or peculiar about the suspect?


5. Juvenile Record- Describe the suspect’s earlier appearance(s) -- that is, life stages and life cycle. How big will the suspect grow?

6. Police Sketches- Create visuals to support information about the organism’s life stages and life cycle.

General Ecology

7. Last Whereabouts- Describe the suspect’s specific micro-habitat. (Such as, under a rock, in shallow water near the shoreline, surrounded by plant material.)

8. Preferred Hangouts- Describe the suspect’s biological community. That is, what populations of plants and animals live around the suspect? What is the suspect’s niche?

9. Rap sheet- For example, ciliary gliding without a license, carrying a concealed pharynx, construction of a case without a permit.


10. Suspect Last Seen Heading Towards- Possible destinations within the suspect’s habitat.

11. Means of Getaway- Provide a detailed description of the suspect’s pattern or means of locomotion.

12. Caution When Apprehending- What makes the organism dangerous to its predators and/or prey? Describe the suspect’s escape and defense mechanisms.

Resources should be cited using MLA format.