Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Cross Setting For Semester Two

We have found cross setting has successfully catered for individual students developmental and academic needs. We are continuing with cross setting for literacy and numeracy. As you are aware the students have been fluid between groups. This semester, this now extends to teaching staff instructing a different group. This adjustment utilises teacher’s expertise, interests and curriculum delivery to maximise student’s learning opportunities.

Kind Regards,

The Year One Teaching Team,

Nola Parke, Jenn Kinson, Elise Jean-Louis and Freya Hansson


If you wish to bring in something with your child to share on their birthday please bring in a plate of fruit or vegetables. We ask you to bring in these types of foods because they ensure we are mindful of allergies and it promotes healthy eating. Below are some inspirational creative fruit platters.

Communication book

This term, starting in week two, we will be changing the format of parent/student communication books. Over semester one the students have gained confidence in their writing and will now be designing and structuring their own letters to you each Wednesday morning. These letters will contain a description of the week's learning experiences, what they learnt and what they enjoyed. The students will finish their letter with a question they would like to ask you. The following page will be left blank for you to write a response letter to your child that they will read the following Wednesday. A page explaining this will be glued in to their communication books to take home next Wednesday afternoon.

Cross Curriculum Projects:

On Fridays we will be starting a new cross curriculum project. Mrs Parke will be teaching cooking, Mrs Jean-Louis will be teaching Australian, Aboriginal and Asian culture and I will be teaching gardening and sustainability.