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January 19, 2018

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Snow Business

Here is an update on our school make-up days! Mark your personal calendars now!

January 12th will be made up on Monday, February 19th.

January 15th will be made up on Monday, March 19th.

January 16th will be made up on Tuesday, March 20th.

January 17th will be made up on Wednesday, March 21st.

January 18th will be made up on Thursday, March 22nd.

Subsequent missed days will be made up March 23 and then after June 1.

Perfect Attendance!!

Congratulations to the students that had Perfect Attendance for the first semester! Perfect attendance at SMS means no absences or suspensions and fewer than five exceptions (tardy arrival before 9 AM or early depart after 2 PM). If you feel like YOU should be on this list and you are not, see Mrs. Walsh in the office.

Grade 6

Tucker Adams, Raeann Baker, Ben Craig, Justin Craig, Sydney Craig, Mayson Cutter, Isaiah Foster, Alyssa Green, Carrie Hiler, Zoey Huff, Liam Kynion, James Lamaster, Molly Mauk, Katlyn McGlothlin, Brock McNeely, Cameron Osborne, Sarthak Patel, Heaven Pfeiffer, Noah Phillips, Bryton Richey, Kendra Shuler, Leah Shuler, Riven Smallwood, Victoria Smith, Connor Taylor, Lucas Toppe, Kaydence Unger, Julia Waymire, Tessa Yates

Grade 7

Corey Ashby, Logan Best, Eric Beswick, Mia Collins, Katelin Conder, Jodi Guiao, TyLynn Judd, Rylan Lytle, Emily Osborne, Deep Patel, Hunter Richart, Claire Routt, Braxton Schroder, Raeann Smith, Devin Terry, Hannah Thomas, Catherine Valencia, Alyssa Williams

Grade 8

Caitlyn Bannister, Kaydence Brown, Salena Burks, Tierra Combs, Hayden Cutter, Jonathan Eldridge, Sarah Everett, Morgan Hackett, Brittney Hiler, Rainley Hill, Hannah Hurt, Ashley Hutchison, Bronlyn Hutton, Lara McGlothlin, Zach McNeely, Tyson Moore, Sydney Moseley, Allison Schmidt, Kennedy Stivers, Zackary Vickers

Fun Facts!

Swimming starts at the end of this month. If you want to join the fine fish of SMS, sign up on the Canvas Community page TODAY. Practice starts Monday, January 29th. Meet at the YMCA from 5:45-7:00 PM. A brief parent meeting will be held at 6:45.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade boys and girls interested in playing on the SMS Baseball and Softball Teams are also asked to sign up on the Canvas Community page TODAY. We are needing to know squad sizes to make scheduling decisions next week!

SMS was selected as a participant school in the US Department of Education Middle Grades Longitudinal Study for 2017-2018. The agency randomly selected 32 students to take a 90-minute survey on January 31st. Congrats to SMS and congrats to the lucky 32 students that have the opportunity to participate!

Train your Brain!

At the beginning of the school year, 6th graders were introduced to some basic, research-based skills to help them focus attention and reduce test anxiety. These skills could be used by students as needed. Practice and increased understanding of these skills can make them even more effective.

When we surveyed students, 48% reported stress is making it difficult to succeed in school. In response, over the next few weeks, 6th-grade students will learn about their brain’s reaction to stress by learning the basic brain functions of the amygdala, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. Students really enjoy learning how their own brains work! This understanding between what goes on “inside” and actual experience helps them as they begin to explore mindfully their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Classroom teachers and school counselors will be supporting students as they learn relaxation and focus. If you have any questions, please call the school counselors, Barb Decker and Jane Naugle.

Got Water?

Did you see any Dream Team students lugging gallon containers of water around school this week? Do you have any idea why they would be lugging water? If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on!

Dream Team 7th graders are participating in an interdisciplinary learning event relating to life in Africa. In social studies, 7th-grade students are studying the geography, culture, and people of Africa.

In language arts class, students are reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. A Long Walk to Water narrates the stories of two young people: the fictional character, Nya and the real person Salva Dut, who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. To better connect students to the life and struggles of the people of Africa, students participated in a walking for water simulation set in Africa. During the simulation, each student was randomly assigned a family card (how many people they were providing water for) and a fate card (a support or a hindrance to the water process). Some students got a backpack or cloth, while others got an additional challenge of having to use a crutch or being sick with malaria. Students had to be very quiet during their water retrieval as they didn't want to stir attention of animals or warring tribes. It took math skill, problem-solving, and teamwork to successfully complete the task.

Students will soon also learn about water purification, medical issues, and living conditions in Africa from different guest speakers.

Through knowledge, reading, and experiences, we hope to grow our understanding of Africa, the challenges many Africans face, and the water purification and conservation efforts underway in many of their countries.

Want Texts?

SCSD2 launched a SchoolMessenger text alert system to inform students last week. If you missed your message to 'opt-in' to the system, you can still do that at any time! Text "6" to 67587 to sign up. Students can sign up for these messages, too! If you want the quickest information regarding school closures or schedule changes, sign up today!

Next Week...

Mon. Jan. 22: B day, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Wrestling and Cheer pics after school, 7/8 Girls BB @ Salem, 7/8 Boys BB @ Charlestown

Tue. Jan. 23: A day, Geography Bee prelims, Art Club 3-4, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Archery 3-4:30, 7/8 @ Girls MSC Finals

Wed. Jan. 24: B day, Cross 7:45 AM, Builders' Club 3-4, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Academic Superbowl 3-5:30

Thu. Jan. 25: A day, Student Council 7:15 AM, Archery 3-4:30, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, 6 Girls BB @ Salem, 7/8 Girls BB v. Highland Hills, 6 Boys BB @ Southwestern, 7/8 Boys BB @ MSC Finals

Fri. Jan. 26: B day, Science Olympiad 3-4:30

Sat. Jan. 27: 7/8 Boys BB Scottsburg Invitational