doTERRA Monthly Update

November 2014

Wellness Advocates,

Happy November! This month I am so excited to be teaching multiple classes on staying healthy during this cold and flu season. I'm hopeful many people will take advantage of the fantastic Enroll In Life promotion that has been extended through the 15th of November. If you're interested in gathering some friends for a class, please don't hesitate to let me know! Now's a great time as we head toward winter, and I'd be more than happy to come spend an evening with you and some friends, and share about all that doTERRA has to offer!

Our team has grown like CRAZY over the past couple of months! I'm so proud of all of you and the work you're doing--helping others and making over medicine cabinets, one bottle of doTERRA at a time! I am so very thankful to work with each of's truly a blessing!

I pray you all stay healthy as we head into this Thanksgiving season!

Blessings to you!



I wanted to again include doTERRA's newest products in this month's update. Be sure to check out the new products as you're placing your monthly LRP order...I seriously can't say enough good things about the Verage Skin Care line! I absolutely LOVE it!

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This fantastic promotion has been extended through the 15th of November. This is a great opportunity for new Wellness Advocates who want to benefit from doTERRA essential oils and start earning free product by setting up their Loyalty Rewards Program.
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October 2014 Product Promotions


If you are curious about how to get FREE product, here's a video that explains the Loyalty Rewards Program.

If you have not yet set up your LRP or want assistance in editing your cart, please ask for help.

TIP: If you want your order to process on a date that is blocked, schedule your LRP for a later date, but log in on the date you want to process it and click "Order now". Love that loophole! But be careful with that "Order now" button. Only press it once!


doTerra's mission is to share the healing power of oils with the world + to make the world a better place by giving back. The Healing Hands Foundation is a great organization to consider giving to. In fact, there's a really easy way to do this by clicking on the little check box in your LRP cart to add $1 to the Healing Hands Foundation.

Additionally, you may have seen a post by our upline leader, Katie Zayner, show up on Facebook with another opportunity to give back by "tithing" your earnings. She has a long history with Back2Back Ministries and has invited us to join her in sponsoring a child? There are a few options:

  • nourish sponsorship: $25 per month
  • half sponsorship: $50 per month
  • full sponsorship: $100 permonth
  • sponsor a children's home: $250 per month

Will you prayerfully consider this opportunity? I love how Katie put it: We are trusting the Lord to provide immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine and the more we share doTerra, the more kids we can help!! How fun would it be if we could take a team trip to Mexico, Nigeria, India or Haiti someday? What an incredible way to share these oils!

If you want to do something, but can't do it all, let's talk and figure out how we, as a team who cares about people, can make a difference.

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Tuesday Tip Off

If you haven't already "liked" doTerra International on Facebook, I recommend you do. Their Tuesday Tip Off is a great resource.

Feel free to pass this update along to your own teams!

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