Adolescent Growth and Development

Kristin Hodges and Maggie Hohfeler


-Rapid gains in height and weight

  • Weight gain from increase in muscles/body fat
  • Average teens gains 3.5-4.1 inches respectively

-Development of secondary sex characteristics

  • Increased oil production, growth of under arm and facial hair, voice changes, etc.

-Hormonal level changes

-Continued brain development


-Develop advanced reasoning skills

  • Think about multiple options and possibilities
  • What ifs?
-Develop abstract thinking skills

  • Thinking about things that cannot be touched, seen, or heard
  • Faith, beliefs, trusts
-Develop "metacognition"

  • Thinking about thinking
  • Think about how you feel and what you are thinking
  • Increase in self consciousness- how you are perceived by others
  • Also used to develop strategies: to improve learning, use nemonic devices


-Establish an identity
  • Integrate opinions of influential people in their life into their likes/dislikes and opinions
-Establish autonomy
  • Becoming a self governing person in their relationships
  • Make and follow through with their own decisions
  • Live by their own right and wrongs
  • Become less emotionally dependent on parents
-Establish close relationships with openness, trust, and honesty
  • Begins with friends
-Value attitude and success
  • Can see the relationship between their current abilities and their future