How To Make A Perfect Bun

Sarah Alvarez


  • hair ties.
  • hair brush
  • hairspray
  • bobypins
  • hot buns hair accessory

Step by Step

1. Gather your hair into a ponytail at desired height and fasten with a hair tie.

2. Apply the hot buns hair accessory near the bottom of your ponytail and roll your hair in an upward motion.

3. Once your bun is at the top of your ponytail, fasten with snap at the bottom.

4. Pull elastic tightly from the bottom and wrap around bun to secure.

5. Spread hair evenly around the accessory. Be sure to cover the accessory completely.

6. If your bun feels to heavy and seems like its falling use bobypins to keep the bun in the right spot. bobypin the top of your bun to the rest of your hair.

7. spray hair to make sure there are no fly away hairs.

8. You are now ready to show off your perfect bun!

Pictures below in order from left to right.


If I would of wrapped my hair around it would of certainly not come out a perfect bun. Using the hot buns accessory did indeed help the process. Using the accessory isn't at hard as using the bun donuts or a sock, its less of a struggle.