Thomas Jefferson

I don't believe in luck,I want to make luck by: Anthony Kanj


Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13 , 1743.He wrote the declaration of independence because of his writing and he signed it.Thomas Jefferson had slaves so he could build the colony.He didn't believe in luck, he wants to make luck.Thomas Jefferson was the 3 presedent of the U.S.A. for all the things he did.

About Thomas Jefferson

Why did Thomas Jefferson sign the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence because he was a good writer.He signed the declaration of independence.

What colony did Thomas Jefferson build?

Thomas Jefferson had slaves to help build the colony he represented. He represented the colony Virginia.

when did Thomas jefferson die?

Thomas Jefferson died on July 4 , 1826.He told his wife that he wished to be remembered for two things only:as the author of the Declaration of Independence, and as the founder of the University of Virgina.