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Fascism is...

Fascism is a form of government where the government has all the power. All citizens must work for the country and government. A dictator runs a country with this form of government.

The Leader

A dictator is the head of the fascism government. The dictator has all the power. The government also helps make some decisions. That means the dictator can have anyone killed or banished whenever they want. The dictator is chosen by manipulation.

The Legislation

There is no world-renown type of legislature for fascism, but, in Italy, there is the National Fascist Party (NFP), which has 35 seats.

What rights do citizens have?

The government basically controls how the citizens live. They cannot vote because the government and the Leader make and decide on laws.

Countries With the Fascist Type of Government and the Leaders of Them

A few examples of countries with this type of government are Japan, Spain, Italy, and Germany. The leader of Japan is Naikaku-sōri-daijin, the Prime Minister of Japan. The leader of Spain is Prime Minister Rajoy. The leader of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano. The leader of Germany is Joachim Gauck.

How is This Government Different from Ours?

In our government, all citizens have the same rights and the right to vote. We are not controlled completely by the government. I prefer our type of government over the fascist. The fascist government is too controlling of the citizens. They have no rights and are told how to live by the government. I would prefer to live how I want and not be told how to live by the government. Yes, we do have rules that we have to follow, but we are not killed just because we didn't do something the government wanted.


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