The Attacks on Pearl Harbor

Dannielle Savage

The Events Leading Up to the Attacks

December 6th,

President Roosevelt sent his final appeal to the Emperor of Japan for peace. The Japanese ignored our plea for peace. Later the same day the United States code-breaking service intercepted and deciphered thirteen parts of a fourteen part message that was sent from Japan.

December 7th,

Early this morning the United States deciphered the last message sent from Japan. It notified the United States that according to Japan the diplomatic relations with the United States are off. Not long after the United States code-breaking service intercepted another message stating the "main message" was to be delivered to the United States at 1pm.

The Attack

Two army operators at Oahu's northern shore radar section detected the Japanese air attack approaching, expecting they are American B-17 planes, which are expected to arrive. The second attack wave, which consisted of 167 planes, took off from the Japanese carriers and heads for Pearl Harbor. The first Japanese assault wave commences their attack which targeted airfields and battleships. The second wave targeted other ships and shipyard facilities.
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The People

The worst part was the rattling of windows after the explosions. Most of the public didn't know what was going on at the time, so it was very easy to get caught up in the rumors that were spreading fast. Then there was news of what was going on on the radio. I didn't expect to hear what I did. Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor.


December 8-17

The United States declared war on Japan. In retaliation Germany and Itally declare war on the United States. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz becomes the new commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and both senior commanders at Pearl Harbor, Navy Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Army Lt Gerneral Walker C. Short, were relived of their duties following the attack.

A Few Days After the Attacks


Both the present and the future need to know about what happened. There could be another event that happens much like this one. If we are not prepared then we could be in just as much destruction as on this day again. But if we prepare and are ready for any possible attack we will be able to eliminate much destruction to our country.