Join us for a Myeloma Cure Panel

A discussion on latest treatments under development

Cure Panel on Myeloma - August 15th, 2012. 1-2pm

Cure Panel is a series of monthly conference calls hosted by CureTalk that invites leading experts to inform patients and health consumers on the latest developments underway to treat a particular condition.
Every one is welcome to join us!

Event Details

Wednesday, Aug 15th, 1pm

New York, NY

New York, NY

Cure Panel is a series of monthly conference calls that will feature a leading medical expert in conversation with patients, bloggers and health consumers. The agenda will be to discuss the latest cures under development of a giving condition like Prostate Cancer, Myeloma.

To be part of this Conference call, rsvp at or you can join the conference live by dialing 123-456-7890

Cure Panel Format

1.00pm - Conference call starts
1.05 - Moderator welcomes participants and introduces expert
1.10 - Dr. Ravi Vij, Myeloma Expert answers questions submitted in call listeners
1.45 - Moderator summarizes main points
2.00 - sign off

About Cure Panel

Cure Panel is organized by CureTalk, a blog dedicated to discussing the future of medicine and the latest treatments under development.

CureTalk is a blog of, an online platform to connect patients to clinical trials of new treatments.