S.J. Kincaid

Kincaid did a splendid job of sharing the story and making it interesting for the reader. I was into this book from the beginning and I could connect with it because of what the main characters did. It would be really cool if the story line of this book would actually come true.
Tom, a young boy who has a gambling father is usually alone and calling the shots for getting hotel rooms and making sure him and his father get places on time. Tom never felt like anything until the opportunity of gaming came up. A building set for kids with super gaming skills was created and they want Tom to come and take part in their "school". All he wanted was to feel important and here was his chance, but he never knew the price he would have to pay if he wanted to be the top dog of the school.
The main point in this book is when they are in a cyber war. If they win they will be able to live in peace but if they lose bad things will happen. I will not share this because I don't want to spoil it, but unexpected characters come together and fight the other team. Will they suffer unintended errors with the game or will somebody sabotage it? Will they win or will they lose and suffer many tragedies? Will Tom ever find his dad and will he ever wish to be less important?
This is a fictional book that had some nonfictional facts in it. The way the brain could be manipulated was false but the way people acted was actually true. People do some crazy things for a little or a lot of power.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to read a longer book that keeps you at the edge of your seat in every single sentence. This book is not part of a series but I really wish it was. I hope that Kincaid comes out with another book so I can read what happens next.
The characters were teenagers which is why I was able to connect to the book so much and also because it was about video games and if you don't know this...I love video games! I am very glad that Kincaid decided to write this book and I am a fan of his work.