-Leprechaun Trap-

By: Jordynn Urwiler


I think a leprechaun will be very tempted to go in my trap because of the "Free Gold." Because of that those sneaky little leprechauns will not be getting into trouble this St. Patrick's Day.


A box, 2 clear solo cups, a toothpick, fishing string, paint, lego pieces, popsicle sticks, and a toilet paper roll.

Simple machine:

The simple machine I used was a pulley. I also used an inclined plane.

How I made my trap:

I made my trap by cutting two wholes in the top of my box for the popsicle sticks. Then I put the sticks in and hot glued them in and added more popsicle sticks to made a letter T. Next, I glued the toilet paper roll next to the crawl whole so, it acted as a crawl space. At the end of the roll he will trip over the string, causing it to break. Once the string breaks the cup will fall on the leprchaun and he will be trapped.

How my trap works:

First the leprechaun will go up the inclined plane then into the crawl whole. He will crawl threw the toilet paper roll where he will activate the pulley. From there he will be trapped by the clear solo cup where we can see him.


I was right, the free gold was very tempting. I was able to use the inclined plane and pulley like I wanted to and it turned out great!

Leprechaun Trap Pictures

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