"Crime affects us everyday in life"

Why is crime bad problem?

Most criminological theories focus on what makes people "criminal", they found causes in distant factors, such as child rearing practices, genetic makeup, and psychological or social processes.

How many people is affected by crime?

Manny of the people that is affected by this is the people and the community.

What is the cause of crime?

Certain emotions such as anger or fear are common after becoming a victim of crime, some victims don't react in this way.

What things causes the problem?

This is the peoples problem: Because it happens all over the world.

What can we do to fix it?

Increase security every where in the world to make the world a very safer place.

Many people think why cant it be fix yet...

One of the main things is because they will cause a crime no matter what

Some obstacles to fixing the problem.

The obstacles to fixing the problem are economy, and education and sometimes our justice system.