Dark Souls Lost Sinner Guide

By Rigoberto S.

This is help for the boss fight if you fight the gargoyles in Belfry Luna you'll get a key to doors so you can light the whole area (if you don't the room will be pitch black).You really don't want to fight in an area that is pitch black do you, if you're a sorcerer you cant cast spells if you and sword wielders don't want to carry a torch around do you?

Jolly cooperation is key for this fight if you can get a sorcerer, sword wielder, and or a faith build so choose wisely.If you are not in online mode useLucatiel Mira she is kinda dumb when you cross the bridge leading to the boss room if the enemy's are following you that is (they explode) if you get to the boss area use her as a crash dummy of some sort she will attack but wont cause much damage so you have to be the do the damage.

If you are a beginner use a shield because she plays dirty and will punish you if you roll.The jump attack will feel like forever before she comes down so be wary if she gets you, if you blink for a second you'll see your character lying down or dead.Rolling is not the key for all attacks but sometimes as a beginner you become tempted so heres the right times to roll: plunge attacks, corners, rapid attacks (if you run out of stamina)

This fight is one of the fight you CANNOT get greedy on if you do she already knows what to do shell attack or plunge attack you just because of greed (she plays dirty)!She will do rapid attacks so you cant block or roll, she has a ton of stamina that is why she does those freeze attacks were you can hit her but then what you dont know is that she recovers stamina that's why she wants you to get greedy.

Healing is key also but you have to learn when to heal!These are the times you can heal:When she is frozen, when she is focused on Lucatiel Of Mira.Green blossoms are great in this boss they regenerate your stamina so yea farm them.Now this is where her items take place she has armour you can buy after defeating her from a merchant in Majula (merchant MUST be at level 3 to get boss armor).Her sword can be obtained from the bird lady in another boss area ( HUGE SPIDER)! But its worth it although it takes your health when you special attack but when you master it it's amazing!