How do astronauts live in space?

What do you think?

Do you think astronauts wash their hair the same as ours? Do you think they sleep in beds just like ours? What about how they brush their teeth? I am going to be teaching you about how astronauts have different yet the same life styles as us.
It's VERY important that astronauts do most of the same things as us! They still use the same toothpaste, the same shampoo and the same toothbrushes, but sponge baths are more common than showers. Just because showers take a lot of time and effort.


After a long hard day of work, there's nothing like a long hard night of sleeping! How ever sleeping in space is just a little bit different than down here on earth. Astronauts can attach their sleeping bags to wall or ceiling (YIKES!) On the ISS (International Space Station) all of the crew each have their own "room"-cabin type thing, that is very small. Just large enough for them each to have a sleeping bag.


No one delivers pizza in space. It's sad but VERY true. Eating in space comes with many challenges, like letting go of a piece of food will create run away food and a cup of water? NO WAY! To be able to eat fresh food in space when you're there for weeks or months, scientists had to come up with a special way to package the food. Astronauts also can't bring some foods up to space but instead had to make substitutes. some examples are: instead of bread that has a lot of crumbs, they bring wraps and instead of salt and pepper, they bring liquid salt and pepper!
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Space food looks nasty! But some space food is yummy, like ice cream and many other foods.


Astronauts have a different way of using the washroom than down here on Earth. astronauts need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck away any waste. Astronauts also have a different way of bathing. They need to use a damp washcloth because there is no showers or baths.

Free time in space

Astronauts do most of the same things as us in their free time. they can read their favorite books, listen to music and look out the window at the Earth.