The great roosevelt

Anna M.

A little boy like Roosevelt.

Franklin did amazing things in his early life.Franklin was born in 1882 in Hyde park new York.Roosevelt went to boarding school when he was sixteen.Franklin ran his school summer camp for boys who's parent's did not have money to pay camp.Franklin is such a hard worker!Roosevelt married Eleanor and they both thought of helping others.Roosevelt was Eleanor's cousin.How they meet that Roosevelt went to her house to visit they talked together the whole time Eleanor was there.Wow and they had a lot in common!He had a hard life think about it if YOU had a hard life your mother died when you were little think!

Roosevelt's biggest challenge yet!

Franklin D. Roosevelt got a disease in 1921 called polio.Franklin went to the warm springs and he could walk better in water.Franklin was never able to walk bye himself at the age 39.People help Roosevelt walk when he had polio.Roosevelt still followed his dream even if he had polio.Roosevelt's wife Eleanor traveled for hem when he had polio.Eleanor is so sweet to Roosevelt sense she felt so bad for Roosevelt.Think if YOU had polio and you couldn't walk.That would be a relay hard life!So think this can be good to help people who are sick Ex:giving soup to people who have the flu.

Talking with the President.

Franklin D.Roosevelt did so much to help but came a hard time.In 1929 there started a time called 'the great depression'.During that time people lost there jobs because bank problems happend .When they lost there homes and lived with no shelter.Franklin ran for president the 4th time and won the election.But sadly Roosevelt died right after world war II.A person named'harry Truman been the replacement to give hope. Still today you can see memorial of him today in washing D.C.YOU can give hope to the U.S.A today.The only power you need is to believe.Like Roosevelt.


Information from: American heroes:Franklin Delano Roosevelt By:Nathan Asher Katzin
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