Restaurant Manager (casual dining)



Please costumers by providing a pleasant dining experience. Also, a good restaurant manager makes sure that everything in the restaurant is in order and all supplies are in stock.


Personal skills- Being professional at all times, be friendly to customers, present yourself well, work hard.

Work skills- be welcoming to all customers, keep staff on tasks, handle all conflicts in the restaurant, make sure quality of food coming out of the kitchen is the best it can be, place order for supplies when necessary.

Training / Education

-High school diploma with on the job training; certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree preferred by some employers.

-Up to 5 years of work experience in the field.

Work enviroment

The main distinctive attribute of a dine-in restaurant compared to the previous two workplaces is that customers come to experience more than just food service; they also stay for the atmosphere. The type of restaurant determines the needs and size of its staff, which can range from dishwashers and hosts to servers and chefs. Cuisine can include just about anything imaginable, and is typically prepared by more than one cook. If you crave variety and hospitality for your line of work, you could realistically experience every spectrum of food service with a career in dine-in restaurants.

Average Salary

Full time job- $51,000 per year.
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