Interview With Susie Salmon

By: Cherokee Edwards

Who Killed Susie Salmon?

Today Susie Salmon had sat down with us today, and we were curious to ask about her murderer. She had explained that the killer was Mr. Harvey, her next door neighbor. She had said he has glasses, messy hair, and that he's a mid-aged man. He had lured her into a tunnel in a field, but when she realized she had made a mistake, it was too late.

How Did She Help Her Family Figure Out It Was Mr. Harvey?

Susie had told us that she had sent ghostly messages to her dad, as well as her grandma and her good friend Ruth. Her dad had suspected Mr. Harvey and thought he was weird. He had called Len (the investigator) and wanted him to be caught in the act. Len also suspected that Mr. Harvey was Susie's killer.

How Did Susie Feel Throughout All Of This?

Lindsey Breaking Into Mr. Harvey's House

Lindsey had gotten the idea from her dad that she should break into Mr. Harvey's house to find evidence that he did kill Susie and other girls.