By: Alexis Lawson, Dylan Taber, Jocylin Twait

Protestant history

The religion Protestant became in existence in early 1600's.

They share their beliefs with Christians' beliefs.

They believe in an afterlife, suffering and problem of evil, human nature and the purpose of existence, and have sacred natives.

This religion originated from Germany.

They believe in God and the bible is a sacred text. The Protestant Old Testament contains 39 books.

Protestant is one of the major branches of Christianity. Martin Luther made his first act of opinion with his 95 Theses.

In his 95 Theses he criticized Roman Catholic's practices and teaching. Luther's argument started Protestantism as a movement. This is a picture of one of the Protestant churches.

Important people in Protestantism

5 W's

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Who:Martin Luther reformed Protestantism.

Where:In 2012 Protestantism is most practiced in United States (150,134,864 in 2012) and South Africa(36,865,000 in 2012)

When: is the 1600's.

What: Protestant is one of the three major branches of Christian Religion. In Christian Religion Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestant.

Why: Protestantism was focused on reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.