How do they form?

How do Hurricanes form in the Atlantic

Hurricanes form over warm water that is over 80 degrees. The warm water creates warm humidity that rises creating a low pressure zone (eye) and the clouds and humidity begin to move in a circular motion due to the earths rotation causing it to continues to build up and get bigger and faster due to the water fueling it, upon reaching land the hurricane loses its fuel source and begins to get weaker

Bermuda High, and what is it?

The Bermuda High is an area of high pressure that moves east and west changing it's central pressure area. This affects the formation of Hurricanes by pushing all the air to the surface denying clouds from forming since none of the moist air is able to rise and form into clouds, since there aren't any clouds the sun is able to warm up the waters freely, allowing for clouds to form and the perfect temperature for the Hurricane to begin forming. The Bermuda High is in our area during hurricane season in which this process can and might form a Hurricane

El Nino, and what is it?

El Nino is a warm current of water that comes around Christmas time which ends up hitting the Gulf with warm water. Every so often the warm water stays for a long time, which in turn when the warm water is also being heated by the spring sun, that a hurricane will form rapidly due to warm water rising and creating a low pressure area and the Coriolis effect giving it a circular motion which makes a Hurricane

Water Temperature?

Water Temperature has a humongous toll on whether a hurricane will or won't form. Hurricanes only form at temperatures over 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. Being so warm the water will begin to rise and a create a low pressure area. With more and more water fueling the low pressure zone and creating clouds around it, the Coriolis effect will begin to rotate the Cloudy low pressure zone. after being fueled for so long the hurricanes can reach a massive size of 25km wide. since the Hurricane is rotating at fast speeds it will begin to move at a slow speed towards land. Depending on how long the Hurricane has been forming will allow us to predict the severity of it.