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August 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Welcome to another wonderful school year! It’s our hope that all our Moorhead Junior High families had a fun and safe summer. We also hope you’re ready to begin an exciting school year with your children. The teachers and staff are looking forward to seeing everyone again and are eager to meet our new families.

It’s important that we communicate effectively with all our Panther families so you know what’s happening in your child’s school and can be prepared for upcoming events. We produce a school newsletter once a month. It will be sent to you electronically. Please take time to read the newsletter when it is sent out. This is how we communicate important information about upcoming events and let you know what your children are learning and experiencing at school. Please make sure we have a current email address for your family! You may contact Mrs. Jeane in the front office to update your information. We also send important messages through text message.

During the first week of school you will receive information about the online CISD Student Handbook and other information about Moorhead Junior High, the PTO, and the Conroe Independent School District. The handbook has valuable information, so please take the time to read it carefully online. Please be sure to sign the acknowledgement receipt electronically by logging in to your child’s Parent Access account. You may view the handbook online on the main CISD website. I've also included a link to our Moorhead Junior High Addendum to the CISD Handbook. This addendum contains valuable information with specific information about our campus.

We truly consider it an honor and a privilege to work with your children and your family. We’re looking forward to a fabulous year!


Robert Garcia


Very Important - Online Registration - please read

Online student registration must be resubmitted every year. Please take a moment to update your student's information online through InfoSnap. All CISD families were emailed a "Snap Code". You can call the front office at Moorhead to request your code if you didn't get it.

InfoSnap registration:

1. Check your email for a SNAP CODE message from CISD.

2. Click on the link.

3. Fill out the information.

All done!

Free and Reduced meal applications! Important - For your TO DO List

Online Free and Reduced lunch applications must be resubmitted every year. If your child receives free or reduced breakfast and lunch you also need to complete the online application or you can request a hard copy a the Moorhead front office.

Free and Reduced lunch application:


Attendance is one of the main indicators of student success. The first bell rings at 8:35am and class instruction starts at 8:40am. If your child is absent please be sure to turn in a note from your health care provider.

State law requires that students must be in attendance for a minimum of 90% of the instructional days for which they are enrolled during a school year in order to be promoted. The law goes on to state that it is the parent’s duty to monitor the students’ attendance and require the student to attend school.

Regular school attendance is important. Please make vacation arrangements during holidays and weekend to avoid students missing important classroom instruction. The last day of school for the Fall semester if Dec. 19th. Thanksgiving break is Nov. 25 – Nov. 29.

Bus Riders and Car Riders

Bus Riders

If your child is eligible to ride the bus, please make sure you go to the CISD website and get them registered. You must register every year!

CISD transportation registration and bus route information can be found at: It is recommended that each child know his/her bus route number.

As can be expected, buses will not be on schedule for the first couple of weeks until bus routes have been finalized. The transportation department will be monitoring the average number of bus riders per bus prior to making any permanent changes. They are unable to finalize routes if students are not on the bus. Therefore, we recommend if your child will be a regular bus rider that they begin riding the bus on the first day of school. If after two weeks, you have concerns regarding transportation we recommend you contact the Transportation Department at 936-709-7940.

Car Riders!

Car riders pick up and drop off locations are in the front of the school. Doors open at 7:45am. For the safety of our students, car traffic is not allowed in the bus area. If your child is a walker or car rider, please have them enter the building through the main door located in the front of the building. Student arriving after 8:40 will need to enter through the front doors to check in at the front office. Students arriving after 8:40 will be marked tardy.

Parent and Student Access Center

Parents and guardians have free access to Parent Access Center via . This portal gives complete access to student grades, attendance, tardies, discipline, STAAR scores, and other information. This tool can also give parents and guardians the opportunity to set thresholds where you will be emailed scores of each assignment. Students also have the same access via Student Access Center.

TAE – Teacher Achieving Excellence is a great opportunity to recognize a teacher that is making a difference in your child’s life. The electronic award can be created and sent through Parent Access. An email will be sent to the teacher as well as campus administrators.

Anonymous Alerts

Conroe ISD will continue implementation of the Anonymous Alerts – anti bullying app. Anonymous Alerts is a patented student anti-bullying app that helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to come forward to help themselves and other students. Social and peer pressures are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome, now they can report bullying and safety issues quickly using Anonymous Alerts mobile app.

Students or parents in the school community can anonymously submit alerts about suspicious activity, safety threats, bullying, alcohol or drug use, harassment, family issues, school shooter, campus safety concerns, and self-harm issues to school administrators or counselors. The app is free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, and the Chrome store. Students will still have the option to call Kid Chat to report anything at 1-800-kid-chat.

Electronics and Phones - Expectations, Rules, and Considerations for Parents

For the 2019 – 2020 school year students will only be allowed to use electronics before school, after school, and during lunch. The expectation is that all electronic devices should be turned off and placed inside backpacks for the remainder of the day. Your assistance in helping your child understand that vibrate is not off is appreciated. If your child needs to use his/her phone during the day, please tell them they need to ask a teacher for permission before turning on their phone to call or text you.

For student safety and privacy, electronics are never allowed to be out or on while in the locker room or bathroom. School and felony legal consequences will potentially occur when a phone/camera is used in areas of which there is a legal expectation of privacy. It is highly recommended that parents consider whether their child is mature enough to keep up with these very expensive devices. These items are brought at the student’s own risk. Note in advance that if a student’s use of electronics, including phones, violates policy, the device will be taken up and consequences for the inappropriate use will be assigned. The phone may need to be picked up by a parent or guardian depending on the infraction and overall number of violations and may not be returned to the student on the same day.

Please do not ask your child to have his/her phone on during class so that you can text or call them, potentially disrupting instruction of children. If you need to get information to your child, please call 936-709-2400, as we deliver messages directly to students throughout the school day. Experience also shows that your child having a phone is incredibly valuable when trying to locate them after the end of the school day. Finally, please consider protecting your child from the dangers of the internet on their phone with an app like one of these!

Net Nanny



Required Immunizations for Incoming Seventh Graders

If you are a parent or guardian of an incoming seventh grader, please be aware Texas state law requires all students to have paperwork indicating a religious or moral exemption or receipt of the following immunizations before they can begin the first day of school and before we can give your student their schedule.


· Meningococcal

Cash Online - for school purchases

Conroe ISD is now offering School Cash Online as its preferred method of payment for all school fees, everything from field trips to yearbooks.

School Cash Online allows parents to pay school related fees safely, quickly and easily. By using School Cash Online, you help increase efficiency and security at schools. Teachers and secretaries are then able to focus their time on helping students, and not counting cash.

School Cash Online shows all of the school fees available to your student online for purchase. You can then view and choose to purchase these fees online through Master/Visa credit cards and echecks. You can also stay informed of upcoming events and keep track of which school fees require your attention.

Register today – a simple task that takes less than two minutes – by visiting our website at and navigating your way to the School Cash Online page. You will need your child’s student ID number, legal last name and date of birth to register. Should you encounter any difficulties, you can use the parent help desk at 1-866-961-1803 or by visiting

Please follow these step-by-step instructions, so you will begin to receive email notifications regarding upcoming events involving your child(ren).

NOTE: If you require assistance, select the SUPPORT option in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 1: Register

a) If you have not registered, please go to the School Cash Online
home page
and select the “Get Started Today” option.

b) Complete each of the three Registration Steps

*For Security Reasons your password, requires 8 characters,

one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number.

Step 2: Confirmation Email

A registration confirmation email will be forwarded to you. Click on the link provided inside the email to confirm your email and School Cash Online account. The confirmation link will open the School Cash Online site prompting you to sign into your account. Use your email address and password just created with your account.

Step 3: Find Student

This step will connect your children to your account.

a) Enter the School Board Name.

b) Enter the School Name.

c) Enter Your Child’s Student Number, Last Name and Birth Date.

d) Select Continue.

e) On the next page confirm that you are related to the child, check in

the Agree box and select Continue.

f) Your child has been added to your account.

Step 4: View Items or Add Another Student

If you have more children, select “Add Another Student” and repeat the steps above. 8 children can be added to one parent account. If you do not wish to add additional children, select “View Items for Students” option. A listing of available items for purchase will be displayed.

Join PTO!

Moorhead Jr High PTO welcomes you to the 2019-2020 school year! This year’s officers are as follows:

Stacie Jahn: President

Madison Perry: Vice President 1

Jamie Echols: Vice President 2

Kristee Neese: Secretary

Jody Corcoran: Treasurer

As moms and PTO board members, we recognize that as our kids get older there are more booster clubs selling goods to raise funds for their individual activities. We also know how much time and effort are put in to these by both parents and students. As a PTO, we do not do any catalog or selling fundraisers. Our funds come in the form of the donations from our membership drive, one dance we get to sponsor, and one student vs. staff game we sponsor.

Monies raised go to fund teacher luncheons, student incentives, and various other needs of our staff members on an as need basis. As you can see, funds the PTO raises go toward our entire school, not just one entity. Please consider donating during our membership drive to help get our year off and running.

Please like our Facebook page, Moorhead Junior High School PTO. We are working to keep social media updated more regularly this year. You can also reach us directly by email: . Please allow 24hour for a response.

We look forward to helping make our school community a better place for all students and staff.


Moorhead Jr. High PTO

Panther Game Schedules

Welcome class of 2025!

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